Buying & Selling Home Ownership

Home Staging Tips for Summer

The key to selling your home: help buyers see themselves living there.

Summer is the prime selling season for real estate. There are more buyers, but there are also more sellers which means there is more competition. To sell, your home needs to stand out from the rest, and that’s where staging can help.


The goal of staging can be summarized in one sentence: help buyers picture themselves living in your home. To that end, there are a few tricks that are always in season: 

  • Curb appeal is extremely important. If the outside of your home isn’t appealing, potential buyers may never make it inside. Be sure the front of your home is attractive from the road.
  • Remove personal photos and mementos so potential buyers can envision their treasures in the home rather than yours.
  • Make sure every inch of your home is spotlessly clean, so buyers are confident it has been well maintained. Kitchen counters should be free of clutter.
  • Potential buyers will look in storage areas. Clean out your closets and garage and store excess items off site so buyers know the home is big enough for their possessions. 
  • Stick to neutral color schemes so buyers aren’t turned off by colors they don’t like. Add color with decorative items such as pillows, rugs and wall art.


In summer, there are some extra steps you can take to stage your home. 

  • Add curb appeal with extra color in the front of the home. If desired, you can plant flowers in containers and take them with you when your home sells. Make sure your lawn is mowed and trimmed neatly. If it’s needed, pressure wash your siding and walkways.
  • Let as much light in as possible to make the home feel open and bright.
  • Show off outdoor living spaces. Even if all you have is a small balcony, stage it with a table and chairs so potential buyers can picture themselves having coffee out there on summer mornings. If you have a deck, make sure it has been cleaned and stained, and replace any rotting boards. Provide some shade in your back yard so buyers can take their time looking around without rushing back to the air conditioning.
  • Show buyers how they could potentially use the space in your home. Set the table in the dining room with summery plates and a centerpiece. Arrange furniture in the living room in nice conversation areas – not lined up along with walls. Move excess furniture to a storage unit so your home looks spacious rather than crowded. If you have a bonus room or extra bedroom, stage it as an office or play room to show buyers how they might use the room. 
  • Since it’s hot outside, make buyers comfortable by leaving a pitcher of ice-cold, fruit-infused water for them to enjoy. Leave a note welcoming them and offering the water. 
  • Along those same lines, turn the air conditioning down a degree or two from normal to make sure potential buyers are comfortable.