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Super Bowl Recipe from The Pro

Super Bowl Sunday is full of yummy snacks and delicious entrees. We reached out to a local chef to get his take on a recipe you can add to your Super Bowl menu. Keep reading below to get know this chef a little more and to find out what recipe he came up with!

Chef JJ

Hailing from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, JJ Boston grew up
appreciating the beauty of his environment and the simplicity of fresh,
local food. He stayed true to his roots through more than 17 years working
in fine restaurants across the country. Founded in 2005, Chef JJ’s business
has grown from a personal chef platform into what’s now a hugely popular
dining experience in Indianapolis.
Chef JJ has made the kamado grill the centerpiece of his two successful
Indianapolis restaurants: Chef JJ’s Back Yard and Chef JJ’s Downtown.
Both locations have quickly become popular destinations for private
events, corporate team building, and grilling classes—all featuring meals
prepared on the Big Green Egg, the most recognizable kamado-style grill
on the market. The two locations now host thousands of clients each
month for interactive grilling experiences with the Big Green Egg.
Chef JJ lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two children. They operate
two restaurant locations and two urban farms, where they produce fruits,
vegetables, and herbs.
If you’d like more information on Chef JJ or his local restaurant, feel free to visit his website!