My First Week

Good news: I have survived my first week as a Realtor®!!!

After an almost full week of all day training seminars, I decided to hit the ground running at the office in my new gig. In my previous position, working in the office was a requirement, there was no option to work remote. So, Monday morning, after getting the kiddo off to school, I headed into the office for my “first day”. I had been in the office on a few occasions prior to this day, so I felt confident that I wouldn’t be wandering in looking like a lost soul who would be directed to the “Agent on Duty” mistaken as a potential customer. After saying hello to everyone I sat down at the desk I had chosen a few days prior. I got myself settled down, checked my email then started chatting with the guy who’s desk faces mine. He was super friendly and I learned that he was working with other agents on a a team, lead by his Mom & Dad… cool a family affair!

Now, this particular Monday was the day the Congress came to an agreement to end the 3-day government shutdown. There is a TV in the office and the news happened to be on so I made a comment regarding the government being “back open” to the nice guy sitting next to me. He made a comment back then another guy came around the corner and before I knew it we were in a full blown discussion talking politics in the office. This taboo topic was made super awkward because not only was it my first day but these guys clearly did not share the same political opinions. So, lesson of the first day…. stay clear of any hint of political talk with those guys! Ha ha.