Zionsville Street Dance
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Zionsville Street Dance

If you need an excuse to tap your feet and move to be beat, boogie on over to the Zionsville Street Dance on Saturday August 4. This event is all about music, dancing, food and fun!  Zionsville Street Dance runs from 6-11 p.m. and is located right on Zionsville’s Main Street – that should be easy to remember!

Believe it or not, Zionsville Street Dance did not just start a few years ago; it started 42-years-ago in the mid-1970s.  The event always centered around raising money for the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce. In the 70s, attendees were given buttons to signify that they paid admission.  Today, the event has taken on a bit more modern feel with wristbands for all attendees.

Tickets are $10 presale and $15 dollars at the door.  For families with 4 to 8 members, they can purchase a family pack for $40. Kids are in luck because tickets are $5 for anyone under the age of 10.  In fact, the whole event is quite kid-friendly with an entire children’s area featuring, “inflatables and obstacle courses.”

The event is no small feat and takes a small army to put together.  This year, Fanimation and the Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau (BooneCVB) are sponsoring different aspects of the event.  One important thing to know is that Zionsville Street Dance is the primary annual fundraiser for the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce. The success of the event allows the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce to put on free events throughout the year such as the Christmas in the Village, Annual Golf Outing, and Brick Street Market.  One fun fact about the Zionsville Street Dance is that last year, 7,500 people attended!

Before attending, it is obviously important to know what is happening at the event this year. PolkaBoy will be the primary musical act this year.  If you have never heard of PolkaBoy, take it from their website to give the best description. “PolkaBoy is NOT your father’s polka. It’s in your face polka with an attitude. We play much more than polka and waltzes.  And we don’t play Top 40 hits, unless they’ve been carefully aged for a few decades.” Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Perhaps most importantly of all, Zionsville Street Dance Festival features numerous local food stalls featuring delicious fare. What could be better than music, food, and fun?  Nothing!

So yeah, needless to say, you will not want to miss this fabulous foodie musical event.  See you on the bricks!

[feature photo from Zionsville Monthly Magazine –]