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Indiana’s Best Drive-Ins

Are you jealous of those classic Hollywood scenes were the leads watch a film at a drive-in?  Though institutions like drive-ins seem to be a relic of the past, they are very much alive and well today.  In fact, Indiana has many successful drive-ins within the state.  Below we have listed a few that we think you should check out.   

Auburn-Garrett Drive-in – Garrett

This historic drive-in is open 7 days a week seasonally.  It opened in 1951 under the name “Tri-Hi Drive-In.”  It only assumed the name “Auburn Garrett Drive-In” in 1960.  Currently, they show both double and triple features.

Bel-Air Drive-In – Versailles

Bel-Air Drive In’s motto, as stated on their website, is, “When the sun sets, the real fun begins!”  They carry this mentality throughout the business.  Before the feature films, they often play old music, setting a nostalgic environment for customers.

Canary Creek Cinemas – Franklin

This newer drive-in has been showing double features nightly since 2004.  Canary Creek Cinemas is the only Johnson County drive-in theater.  They are only open seasonally, so be sure to stop by this awesome Johnson County hot spot!

Centerbrook Drive-In – Martinsville

This drive-in got its name by combining the names of the two nearby towns Centerton and Brooklyn.  The Centerbrook Drive-In has been operational since 1950 and continues to show movies seasonally.  They even have arcade games that people can play!

Cinema 67 – Spencer

Cinema 67 brands itself as, “movies under the stars.”  Showing two films per night, Cinema 67 has shown up on multiple, “top things to do in Spencer” lists.  It is important to note that this drive-in allows smoking.

Georgetown Drive-In – Georgetown

This drive-in, often sold out, is beloved by Georgetown locals.  They rave about the friendliness of the staff, the customer care, and the overall experience in many online reviews.  Be sure to check out this popular Georgetown spot!

Holiday Drive-In Theater – Mitchell

This drive-in clearly has a sense of humor; on their Facebook site, they invite people to check out their “AUTO-torium” and grab food at their “CAR-feteria.”  This drive-on is also less expensive when compared to other drive-ins on this list as it is $8 per adult.

Hummel Drive-In – Winchester

This drive-in is so kid-friendly that they even have a kids’ area!  This hip Winchester spot is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night May through August.  They also have events throughout the year, so be sure to check out their website!

Tibbs Drive-In Theatre – Indianapolis

Can you believe that Indianapolis only has one drive-in?  I know, neither can I!  Tibbs Drive-In Theatre stands alone among the Indianapolis drive-in scene.  This massive place has 4 screens always showing two features each.

GQT Huntington Twin Drive-In – Huntington

GQT Huntington Twin Drive-In is known as, “Huntington and Fort Wayne’s favorite drive-in Theater.”  The GQT in the drive-in’s name stands for Goodrich Quality Theaters, as it is owned by the organization.

Lake Shore Drive-In Theatre – Monticello

With over 5,500 likes on their Facebook page, Lake Shore Drive-In Theatre is clearly a popular place.  One plus about this place is that they have two screens; therefore, if you do not like the second feature film on your screen, you can switch to the other.

Starlite Drive-In – Bloomington

This beloved Indiana drive-in was opened in 1955 by Carl and Ruth Stewart.  Now on its fourth owner, it continues to feature movies on a seasonal basis.  One important thing to keep in mind is that Starlite asks customers to pay $6 if they bring in food.

M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In – Mechanicsburg

Though M.E.L.S. is closed for the season, it is still actively working to improve their drive-in.  Unbeknownst to me, drive-ins are now required to convert to a digital system to accommodate the new digital films.  If you are interested in helping M.E.L.S. accomplish their goal, please visit their website.

Melody Drive-In – Knox

As one Facebook review put it, “Melody Drive-In is a gem of a summer spot!”  Melody certainly provides customers with the authentic drive-in experience as it is family owned and operated.  The family has owned the drive-in since 1949!

The Skyline Drive-In Theatre – Shelbyville

Though most drive-ins are seasonal, the Skyline Drive-In Theatre defies the norms. They occasionally host screening events throughout the year. During the Christmas season this year, they offered free screenings of Home Alone and A Christmas Story.


Have you visited one of these drive-ins?  Tell us about your experience below!