Galentine’s Day in Indy
Things to Do

Galentine’s Day in Indy: Where to Spend a Day with Your Gal Pals

Your gal pals are an amazing crew. You’re there for each other through thick and thin — and you deserve an occasional night out together where you can set aside your daily woes and recharge your friendships.

Going out to the same old restaurant or bar every month gets a little boring, however, so why not shake things up a bit? Indianapolis has plenty of opportunities for excitement. Reinvent “Girls’ Night Out” this Valentine’s Day — or any day — with these morning-to-evening adventures in Indy.

Brunch and Bottomless Mimosas at Gallery Pastry Shop

Gallery Pastry carries a full array of beers, spirits and wines, and their specialty cocktail menu has been crafted with care. Drinks like the French Macaron Mai Tai are a particular delight.

But the real attraction here is the brunch menu with bottomless mimosas. Every Tuesday through Sundays from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, Gallery Pastry is the perfect spot for a group of friends to gather, laugh and relax.

Make Candles at Penn & Beech

Indulge your creative spirit and strengthen your friendships at the same time by learning to pour custom candles at Penn & Beech. They offer classes that are designed for groups and will help you and your pals create your very own custom candle fragrances.

Actually pouring the candles only takes about 45 minutes, but they have to sit for about two hours to cure, which gives you and your friends plenty of time to sip some wine together and chat while you wait. You can also go explore one of the nearby restaurants or do a little shopping, if you like, before claiming your creation to take home.

Take an Aerial Dance Class at Cirque Indy

All of those graceful performers you see dancing on aerial silks and twirling around on aerial hoops at the circus had to start somewhere, right? You, too, can get in on the act: Just pick up a class at Cirque Indy.

You and your gal pals can schedule a private group class and learn some aerial skills that are great for building flexibility, grace and confidence. If you love it, you may be onto a new workout routine that could even help you meet your New Year’s goals!

Paint a Masterpiece at Wine & Canvas

What do you get when you mix a few bottles of wine, good friends, art supplies and some masterful instruction by an area artist? An absolutely awesome evening that’s full of entertainment and laughs!

Aside from unleashing your inner child and sparking creative genius, the interactive nature of the “art entertainment” at Wine & Canvas is a great bonding experience. Each of your gal pals can take home a painting that will become a favorite memento of your mutual friendship.

Recreate Your Youth (with a Twist) at Tappers Arcade Bar

If you’re old enough to fondly remember a time when arcades were the social gathering spot for everybody you knew, then Tappers Arcade Bar will hit you right in the feels — and it could be the most excellent spot of all for your next “girls’ night out” affairs.

Tappers offers all of the classic video games that are likely to trigger your nostalgia for a simpler time, including Pac Man, Frogger, Space Invaders and Galaga. But this arcade is “adults only” and serves craft beers, strawberry daiquiris and specialty margaritas. This is the perfect place to while away a late afternoon or evening with your besties.

Do Afternoon Tea at The Cake Bake Shop

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be royalty? You can find out by scheduling a private afternoon tea (with or without champagne) for your gal pals with all of the trimmings at The Cake Bake Shop.

Sip on specialty teas, snack on delicate finger sandwiches and partake of some of the most elegant desserts The Cake Bake Shop has to offer while you catch up with your friends. This could be the perfect place to go if you and your gal pals are looking for someplace to dress up and indulge your finer senses.

Indulge in Full-Scale Pampering at The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar at Geist specializes in the small pleasures in life, like having your nails done or getting a massage while enjoying the company of your best friends and sipping a nice glass of wine or two.

If the winter doldrums have you and your besties down in the dumps, spending a little time solely on your favorite beauty-boosters (or investigating new ones) can help you feel springtime-fresh and ready to take on the world again!

Try a Boutique Fitness Class at The Bar Method Mishawaka

Maybe an aerial dance routine seems a bit too much for your crowd, but you’d still love to try a new workout routine. If so, it might be time to book a session at The Bar Method Mishawaka

Designed to be accessible to people of all fitness levels, the routine uses a ballet barre and the participant’s own body weight to create an easy-to-customize workout that will increase both your physical strength and your inner confidence. The services here also include amenities like a beauty bar, hot showers, luxury towels and more.

If you’re in charge of planning your next group gathering, ditch the ordinary and go for something new and exciting. These are all low-pressure events that are designed to get everyone engaged — and that’s really the point of hanging out with your gal friends, right?