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Family-Friendly Winter Activities in Indianapolis and Nearby

The holidays are over and – if you’re anything like us – the winter doldrums are already settling in. If you’re ready to get everyone away from their screens, off the couch and out of the house for a while, it may be time to look for something new and exciting to do.

You’re in luck! Indianapolis and the surrounding areas are full of popular attractions that you and your family can visit no matter what the weather brings.

Glowgolf – Indianapolis

Do your kids have energy to spare right now? Then head over to Glowgolf in Circle Centre Mall for a ton of fun. The prices are reasonable (and group passes are a bargain) and adults and kids alike will enjoy the glow-in-the-dark miniature golf game. If that gets too dull, there’s a laser maze that can occupy your entire family for hours.

Xtreme Lazer Tag – Avon

Does your family have a serious competitive streak? If board games are getting predictable and boring, consider heading to Xtreme Lazer Tag in Avon. For more than 20 years, they’ve been helping families beat the winter blues with 4,000 square feet among multi-leveled playing areas.

Brightly Art Studio – Brownsburg

Are you trying to encourage an artistic streak in your child? The Brightly Art Studio is all about trying new things and nourishing the creative spirit. Try a class or two with your child, but don’t forget to check out the clubs and camps they offer for winter-long entertainment that you and your child can both enjoy.

Speedway Indoor Karting – Indianapolis

Want something truly invigorating so that you can shake off the winter blues? Head out to the races – and drive the cars yourself! Speedway Indoor Karting is as close as most people ever get to the big races, and there’s even an on-site restaurant (the 1911 Grill) where you can fill your own tank after you’re done.

Sledding – Indianapolis

There may be snow on the ground outside, but that’s no reason to stay indoors. Indianapolis has some utterly awesome places to go sledding. Bundle everybody up, grab those sleds you’ve stowed in the shed, and head over to Garfield Park (on S. Shelby Street), Fort Harrison State Park (on N. Post Road) or Ellenberger Park (E. St. Clair) to take advantage of the hills for some old-fashioned (and inexpensive) fun.

Virtual Galaxy – Avon

Curious about how virtual reality works, but don’t really want to invest hundreds (or thousands) into the equipment? Check it out for yourself at Virtual Galaxy in Avon. They have games in all kinds of genres, and their open-concept rooms and easy-access cafe make this an easy way to have some quality family time.

Rhodius Park Sensory Gym – Indianapolis

For 30 years, Rhodius Park has been an integral piece of the Indy Parks and Recreation system. Its family center has both a traditional gym and a game room for teenagers, but it also has an indoor sensory playroom that’s designed for children under 12, including children with disabilities. (If the weather’s nice, there are also outdoor play areas.)

uPaint Pottery Studio – Plainfield

There’s an artist inside every child, and uPaint Pottery Studio is a great place to let your child’s creative streak shine. (You can let your artistic side show a little, too, while you’re there.) Choose from hundreds of figurines and other clay items to decorate to your heart’s content. The best part? You can bring your treasures home as a permanent reminder of the good times you had with your kids.

Atomic Duckpin Bowling – Indianapolis

Located in the basement of the Fountain Square Theatre Building, Atomic Duckpin is a retro entertainment center with vintage billiard tables, eight duckpin bowling lanes and a cafe that serves everything from appetizers and burgers to salad and pizza. This is a wonderful place to while away a cold or cloudy afternoon.

The Tie Dye Lab – Avon

Tie-dye clothing never really goes out of style – and the folks at the Tie Dye Lab offer a great way to make some unique memories with your family. (If you’re planning a summer vacation and want matching shirts for the family, this is also a fantastic method to start building some excitement among the kids for the future.) 

Kid’s Planet – Brownsburg

Are your kids all different ages? Do you have a hard time finding something that everybody can enjoy? Kid’s Planet in Brownsburg may solve all your problems. They have trampolines, tunnels, crazy slides, a toddler area, a Lego playland and arcades. This is one all-day adventure that everyone can enjoy.

Sky Zone – Plainfield

Forget your age, forget what kind of shape you’re in: Trampolines are for everybody! Sky Zone is basically a giant, indoor trampoline and heavily padded gym. If your kids want to pretend to be ninjas, this is the perfect place to go (they even have a “ninja warrior course” and a “parkour blox”). This is the sort of place that you will want to visit again and again, all winter.

Wolf Park – West Lafayette

If you don’t mind the weather and you hate being stuck indoors, why not go on a truly wild adventure at Wolf Park in West Lafayette? They have a classic “Follow the Pack” tour and evening programs that will let you hear the wolves raise their voices to welcome the dark. (If you’re looking ahead for a romantic night out, Wolf Park is also taking reservations for “Wine with Wolves” around Valentine’s Day.)

Don’t let the cold weather put a freeze on your family time. There’s so much to do around Indy that there’s simply no excuse to stay trapped indoors for the next few months.