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Dog Owner’s Guide to Indianapolis

Do you hate the look in your dog’s eyes when you head out the door on the weekend? Do you dread having to leave your dog behind when you travel? Well, Indy is a pretty dog-friendly city, so there are plenty of places you can visit with your best buddy in tow.

Here are some of the top “fur-friendly” places in Indy every dog owner should know:


Metazoa Brewing

Indy residents love their beer and their pets, so it’s hardly a surprise that there’s a place where both interests can be indulged. Located near Fountain Square on College Ave, Metazoa Brewing was founded by animal lovers. As such, they welcome pets of all kinds, from the furry variety to those with feathers and scales. 

Even better, Metazoa donates a percentage of every sale directly to wildlife organizations. You can have a brew, hang with your buddy and do something good for the world all at the same time! Metazoa also has a recently renovated dog park next to its brewery, which was funded through crowdsourcing — proving just how much Indy residents love their dogs.


City Dogs Grocery

With locations on Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indy and on Virginia Avenue by Fountain Square, City Dogs Grocery makes it easy to find unique treats for your four-footed friends. Take your dog (or cat) with you and talk to someone about holistic supplements that can help your buddy live a long, happy life and find out what food will help your pet stay spry well into old age. Raw-feeders will also find a freezer packed with premier selections to meet their needs.

While you’re there, pick up some freshly-made treats for your pet, including items for special occasions, like birthday cookies and “Just Rescued” cakes. You can also shop an extensive collection of pet toys, leashes and other accessory items that will have your dog looking his or her best in no time!


Bark Truck

Whether you’re an Indy native or you’ve recently relocated, the city’s many food trucks are a well-regarded delight that shouldn’t be missed. Vendors offer all kinds of street food and unique treats. 

If you feel like taking a stroll and grabbing dinner from one of these culinary wizards, there’s no reason to leave your furbaby behind. Grab your dog’s leash and take a walk on East 86th Street to browse the selections for yourself and stop at the Bark Truck to get your dog a dinner that was specifically designed for canine consumption.


Plump’s Last Shot

If you’d rather sit while you eat, take a trip over to Cornell Avenue and visit Plump’s Last Shot, a place that advertises itself as proudly “pet-friendly.” This fun little bar offers an outdoor area where guests are more than welcome to sit with their furry pals and grab a burger or two.

Even better, Plump’s offers a breadless burger for your pal, so you can enjoy your meal without feeling guilty (or trying to avoid those pathetic, begging looks that your dog gives you when trying to coax you out of a sandwich). 

There are plenty of other restaurants in Indy that also allow dogs, including Fire by the Monon, Flatwater, and Ralston’s DraftHouse, so your choices aren’t limited. If you aren’t sure if a restaurant or bar allows dogs, just call up and ask!


Humane Society of Indianapolis Dog Park

Dog parks are great for both dogs and their owners alike. The Humane Society’s park was the first of its kind in Central Indiana. The park provides a safe, fenced-in area where your pup can run and frolic with other dogs. If your dog is a Border Collie or another breed that thrives on showing off and learning tricks, check out the canine agility course. There’s also a wooded trail for folks who want to take in a little nature.

Membership to the park grants you access via a key that will get you in even if the main shelter is closed, making this the perfect dog park for people with irregular schedules. You’ll need to provide proof of your dog’s current vaccinations before you can join, but profits earned by the Humane Society go to fund various animal-friendly projects, including “Pit Bull Angel” and “Pets Healing Vets.” 

Some other notable dog parks in the area include Smock Bark Park and Paul Ruster Park. One of these parks is sure to be close enough to be convenient.


The Great Indy Pet Expo

Whether you love purebreds, designer dogs or mixed-up mutts, there’s a place for you and your dog at the Great Indy Pet Expo. The Expo is a great place to go to learn about advances in canine care, dog training methods, supplements and other health issues that could affect your dog.

The Expo also provides plenty for your pet to do, whether it’s running an agility course or happily soaking up all the attention from the Expo’s dog-loving attendees. The Expo is also a great place to do a little holiday gift shopping for all of your four-footed friends (and their human companions).


By no means is this the definitive list of pet-friendly places in Indy. There are far more places that deserve a mention than we can possibly list here. Rest assured you can find everything from the equivalent of a doggy playground to pet-friendly accommodations for overnight visitors in Indianapolis — so don’t be afraid to keep your pal by your side.