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Arts and Crafts: Grown Up Style

Wanting to feel sophisticated but don’t know how?  Go to a sip and paint class! You may think that the only establishments to offer this kind of service are Painting with a Twist and Wine & Canvas.  You would be wrong because look at the length of this article! We have compiled a list below of some of the best places around town to enjoy some truly sophisticated sipping and painting.  

Painting with a Twist – Of course, we had to start out with the business that really comes to mind when one thinks about sip and paint classes.  Painting with a Twist has been around since 2007, when it was created to by owners Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney to help, “rebuild their Hurricane Katrina-devastated community.”

Wine & Canvas – Who knew that this originated out of Indianapolis?  Wine & Canvas is now a national brand with 40 locations nationwide.  Throughout the year, they host both Wine & Canvas events for grownups and Cookies & Canvas events for kids.  Who would not want to attend an event that features both cookies and painting?

Indy Paint and Sip – Much like the previous two mentioned businesses, I am sure you could guess what Indy Paint and Sip offers. What is different about this place compared with the others is that they offer art therapy.  The art therapy session is led by a credentialed art therapist who guides guests through different helpful activities.

Board & Brush – Board & Brush is slightly different than the rest in that you create a sign instead of a canvas.  This sign can be made from a plethora of things including: wood, glass, chalkboard, canvas pillows, slate, and terra cotta.  Just check their website to see some fabulous examples!

Mimosa and a Masterpiece – Unlike the other places, Mimosa and a Masterpiece gives you the opportunity to paint at home.  I know what you are thinking – “I don’t want a random stranger in my house telling me how to paint.”  Fear not! The geniuses at Masterpiece and a Mimosa instead send you all the materials you need in a box.

Craft & Cork – If you were getting bored of the paint and sip classes, fear not!  Craft & Cork is here to save the day with their fun multi-craft activities.  Not only do they have step-by-step painting lessons, but they also have classes that highlight different mediums. 

A-B-C Paint Party with Travis – Indianapolis-based artist Travis Neal is here to turn your drab evening into a fab evening.  Offering primarily private party services, Travis Neal is available through his contact page on his website.  While you are on his website, you should also check out his professional work in the community – quite the talent!

The Paint Cellar – Based out of Carmel Indiana, this local business is sure to attract all the artsy folk.  They primarily host paint and sip parties, though they do have the occasional Public Painting and DIY classes.  The Paint Cellar primarily paints on canvases, though they have been known to paint on wine glasses from time to time!

Myart – Myart is perhaps the oldest art instruction institution on this list in that it has been around since 2000.  They offer, “guided, semi-guided and fully independent” courses. Classes include working in various mediums such as oil & chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolors, graphite, acrylics, markers, and colored pencils.

Brushes & Bottles – Last but certainly not least, Brushes and Bottles is a sip and paint business based out of Merrillville Indiana, serving Indiana’s Northwest side.  Many of their paintings are reproductions of other famous paintings, so be sure to flip through their gallery online to see all of their options.

The bottom line is that you need to get out there and get your artsy side on – let us know where you end up painting!