45 of Indianas Pumpkin Patches
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45 of Indiana’s Pumpkin Patches

Can you believe it? We finally get to pick pumpkins, roast mouth-watering pumpkin seeds, and carve creative pumpkins. Ahh Fall…. I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting all year for this. That is why we wanted to celebrate Fall by compiling a list of 45 pumpkin patches in Indiana. Given the large number of pumpkin patches, we thought we would simply include a short fun fact about the establishment!

Adrian Orchards (Indianapolis) – Adrian Orchards has been an up and running farm since 1925 – that’s over 90 years of growing!

Advanced Tree Technology (New Haven) – Unlike the rest of the pumpkin paradises on this list, Advanced Tree Technology primarily focuses on growing genetically superior trees typically used to enhance business’ or homeowners’ privacy.

Amazing Fall Fun (Waterloo) – It’s no big deal, but Amazing Fall Fun has Indiana’s Largest Corn Maze. It’s a whole 12-acres!

Anderson Orchard (Mooresville) – So most places are just growing the typical apples and pumpkins, but Anderson Orchard is getting fancy by also growing Asian pears.

Applacres (Bedford) – Arguably the place with the best name on this list, Applacres started as a roadside stand and now is a 70-acre apple and pumpkin wonderland.

Apple Works (Trafalgar) – Apple Works has multiple musical events throughout the season to celebrate Fall. Be sure to check out their main page for their next event.

Beasley’s Orchard (Danville) – On this orchard’s site it says that they have an apple cannon. Yes, you read that right. Beasley’s Orchard has an air-compressed cannon for apple-lovers to use. Truly fascinating.

Cornucopia Farm (Scottsburg) – This place has it hides a golden pumpkin each weekend for guests to find within their corn maze. Whoever finds it first gets a gift card!

FARM LIFE (Lanesville) – This wonderful spot, formerly known as Deere Farms, is a haven for kids with attractions such as giant tire mountain and gem mining.

Dull’s Tree Farm (Thorntown) – If you thought this was some mere pumpkin patch, think again. Admission includes slingshots and a barrel train.

Fischer Farm (La Porte) – This year, Fischer Farm grew a 254 lb pumpkin. Could you imagine packing that up and putting it in your car?

Goebel Farms (Evansville) – If you are a British royal family fan, you may want to visit this farm. This year they decided to design a Prince Harry & Megan themed corn maze. I know, amazing.

Greendell Landscape Solutions (Mooresville) – Don’t let its name stop you, Greendell Landscape Solutions has a Fall Festival that runs every day in October. Their festival includes: an Indiana-themed corn maze, hay rides, a pumpkin patch, and more.

Armand’s Harper Valley Family Farms (Westport) – While many places on this list have mazes, this place takes the corn maze concept to a whole new level with two sunflower corn mazes! This is the perfect adventure for little ones!

Hobson’s Fun Farm (Rockville) – This farm is more of an experience-based farm where visitors can buy a general admission ticket and then explore the farm, buying additional products such as pumpkins along the way.

Hog Wallow Farm (Dana) – Hog Wallow farm is committed to its pumpkin season and that means lots of corn mazes, slides, petting zoos, bounce houses and something known as corn box. Don’t know what the last one is? Go to Hog Wallow Farms to find out!

Hogan Farms Pumpkin Patch (Brownsburg) – Hogan Farms is the full Fall wonderland complete with pumpkins, hayrides, a petting zoo, and a USA-themed corn maze. What more could you want?

Huber’s Orchard & Winery (Borden) – If you are a foodie, this is the place for you! Not only does this place have a bakery, farm market, ice cream factory, cheese shop, and an on-site café, they also have a wine of the month. This month’s is spiced apple!

Kelp’s Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch (Nashville) – If there were not enough reasons to visit Brown County in Fall already, check out Kelp’s Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch. They even are hosting a Trick-or-Treat night on October 31st!

Kelsay Farms (Whiteland) – Kelsay Farms is a 6th-generation family farm that is no stranger to fall festivities. This year, visitors can, take a hayride, learn about milking cows, and “swim in corn.” Still trying to figure out what that last one means.

Kent’s Cucurbits (Brookston) – If you were wondering what “cucurbit” meant, you were not alone. Per Google, a cucurbit is, “a plant of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae), which includes melon, pumpkin, squash, and cucumber.” Oh, and they also have a lot of fun Fall activities!

Knollbrook Farm (Goshen) – So not to brag, but this farm has a cow parade. Yes, you read that right, a cow parade. A cow parade, according to Knollbrook Farm, is when the cows come back up from pasture.

Kregel’s Pumpkin Patch (Lowell) – While this farm has many of the Fall activity classics, it also has pedal cars. This is sure to be a favorite with your little ones.

Lark Ranch (Greenfield) – Unlike most of the farms on this list, Lark Ranch has three locations one in Loogootee, one in Greenfield, and a zipline site in Shoals Indiana.

Landess Farm (Daleville) – This farms moto is “Homegrown Freshness in Every Bite.” All their fresh produce is non-GMO and is known for its highly nutritious expertly grown products.

McClure’s Orchard/Winery (Peru) – This place is a foodie paradise in that they produce hard ciders and wines, on site. They also have a café and apple barn. Yum!

Pleasant View Orchard (Fairland) – So, it’s not a big deal or anything, but Pleasant View Orchard sells fried biscuits with apple butter. That certainly makes me want to make a trip to Fairland ASAP.

Piney Acres (Fortville) – This place seems like a kid’s wonderland, with everything from a Zombie Shooting Game to pumpkin bowling. Piney Acres is known for its lauded Kid Zone. Be sure to check out more of the activities on their website!

Priebe’s Pumpkin Patch (Crawfordsville) – Priebe’s pumpkins are special in that the owner’s grandfather was the one who originally patented the pumpkin seeds used at Priebe’s today!

Pumpkin Kingdom (Montpelier) – This is no mere pumpkin patch or farm, this is pumpkin kingdom. Pumpkin Kingdom is all about Fall, with its fan-favorite animal petting area, wagon rides, and corn maze.

Ridenour Acres (Angola) – If you were not impressed with these places already, do I have the place for you. Ridenour Acres has an 11-acre corn maze. I know- impressive.

Russell Farms Pumpkin Patch (Noblesville) – Every weekend this place has a Fall Festival. These festivals involves a variety of attractions including: miniature golf, a 10-acre scavenger hunt corn maze, and pedal cars.

Scheeringa Farms & Produce (Highland) – At Scheeringa Farms & Produce, kids get to play in a big tub of corn. Honestly, sounds like pure Fall fun to me.

Smith Family Farms (Pendleton) – This family farm has been in operation for over 100 years and has passed through seven generations! Smith Family Farm is a working grain and livestock farm, planting 3,000 acres each year.

Spencer Farm (Noblesville) – Spencer farm offers free hay rides on Saturdays and Sundays during the month of October. There is no better form of transportation to pick out a pumpkin!

Steele Farms (Decatur) – Most farms have just a simple corn maze, this farm goes above and beyond with their new corn maze game, Farm Scene Investigation. Farm-goers have to figure out who kidnapped the farmer.

Stoneycreek Farm (Noblesville) – Underneath the Stoneycreek Farm sign on the farm’s property, there is a replica of Cinderella’s Carriage. Just thought that was important to mention.

Stuckey Farm Market (Sheridan) – Stuckey Farms is certainly a happening spot, with 27 different varieties of apples from over 4,000 trees and 15-acres of pumpkins. Certainly, not a place you want to miss!

Thistleberry Farm (South Bend) – Thistleberry Farm is known for its plethora of fun activities. The one that looks especially fun is what they call “jumping pillows.” Essentially a giant blown up “pillow” that visitors get to jump on.

Tuttle Orchards (Greenfield) – Wish that you could have fresh produce all year round? Tuttle Orchards offers their Winter Tote Program, a biweekly box of produce customers can pick up.

Waterman’s Family Farm (Greenwood) – Apparently at Waterman’s Family Farm they have a U-Pick peppers field. They marketed it by saying, “so come on down and pick a peck of peppers to pickle!” Clever.

Wendel Farms (Brookville) – Visitors to Wendel Farms’ maze can receive free movie tickets if they answer all the corn maze questions correctly. Quite the incentive to take a jaunt through the corn maze!

Whiteland Orchard (Whiteland) – While most places simply sell apple cider, Whiteland Orchard sells persimmon pulp. Quite the unique treat!

Wholesome Meadows Farm (Huntington) – This place makes grows all their local produce without the use of pesticides or herbicides. They also make nature soaps and lotions!

Yellow River Farms (Knox) – Still want more Fall after reading about all these pumpkin patches? Well, I got to tell you, Yellow River Farms has it all: apples, apple cider, pumpkins, gourds, squash, Indian corn, straw, and painted pumpkins.

We are sure we missed quite a few wonderful pumpkin patches and corn mazes, so feel free to add your favorite to our comments section below. Happy Fall everyone!