Stillwell Manor Haunted House

Get ready for spooks and scares while celebrating the Halloween season with the family at the Stillwell Manor Haunted House. Most of the fun and excitement takes place at night as you walk down the halls of the manor, but there is a kid-friendly haunted house with the lights on so that children can enjoy the attraction as well. There is wheelchair accessibility for those who need assistance getting around the manor. Snacks and refreshments are available.

When you enter the haunted house, you’re greeted by creepy noises of people screaming, doors slamming and floors creaking. As you navigate from one dark room to another, there are zombies that reach out of the floor to try to convert you over to their dark side and monsters with chains who look like they just got back from their most recent kill. See if you can face the souls of those who have been trapped inside the manor for over 100 years without tapping out and exiting the building. While you’re trying not to scream out in fright, be on the lookout for General Stillwell, a spirit who is said to haunt the manor. An event during the day keeps the lights on for the kids while offering friendly scares. The attraction is recommended for ages eight to adult.