Punch Burger | Downtown & Carmel

The folks at Punch Burger pride themselves on their dedication to cooking up local, grass-fed, antibiotic-free beef. This concept adds another level of sophistication to their already impressive menu. With a mainstay location downtown on East Ohio Street, and another more recent franchise opened in Carmel, these Indiana guys have burgers that pack a punch (pun intended). One unique element about Punch’s menu is the ability for customers to create their own burger from a plentiful list of ingredients and even meats. How about a duck patty on a pretzel bun with ghost pepper cheese, a fried egg and spicy aioli? Go ahead and throw in some sweet potato tots for good measure. While Punch Burger does serve a wide-range of craft beer, they’ve somehow still managed to be voted one of the Top 25 Family-Friendly Restaurants in the U.S. by Urbanspoon.