Piney Acres

Piney Acres Farm is a 73 acre tree farm that offers community events year-round. Its Halloween attraction, The Haunted Loft, incorporates a haunted house attraction with a corn maze and hayride.

The story behind the Haunted Loft attraction ties into the Salem Witch Trials and a fictional Dr. E. Rex whose secret laboratory was host to a number of terrifying experiments.

In conjunction with the Haunted Loft, there is an extensive corn maze populated with some of the escaped “experiments” from the laboratory. The Haunted Hayride follows the same storyline, offering a guided tour filled with stories and scare actors along the trail.

Ticket prices vary depending on the attraction:

– Haunted Hayride: $10 at the door or $9 online

– Corn Maze: $16 at the door or $15 online

– Haunted Loft: $16 at the door or $15 online

– Haunted Loft & Corn Maze: $17 at the door or $25 online

– Three Attraction Combo Package: $34 at the door or $32 online

The attractions are open Fridays and Saturdays from 7 to 11 p.m.

The Haunted Loft is rated as “Very Scary” and is recommended for teens and adults. However, Piney Acres does offer more family friendly autumn activities. These include pumpkin picking, a kids zone playground and barnyard animal petting zoo. A concession area with fall-themed snacks like caramel apples, s’mores and hot cocoa is also available on site.

Daytime haunt-free corn maze and hayride options are available as well, with reduced pricing for children. There is also an at-dusk Haunted Hayride that offers a more toned down version of their standard Haunted Hayride experience.