Indy Scream Park

Indy Screampark is Indiana’s biggest haunted destination. It features a total of six attractions, two of which are new for 2017. The available attractions are:

– Zombieland Apocalypse

– Rickmore Asylum

– Rage 3D

– Pandemic

– Back Woods

– Monster Midway

Three of the attractions are indoor haunted house environments; the other two and the midway are located outdoors. Each attraction has its own backstory and areas to explore. Some options, like Zombieland, come with the option to “mark” yourself for a more frightening interactive experience if you want to crank up the intensity of your scare.

Between attractions, you can take a breather at the Monster Midway. This open outdoor space offers alcoholic beverages, county fair-style foods, midway games, a gift shop and plenty of other ways to pass the time.

The Screampark is designed primarily for adult visitors and teenagers, but there are no age restrictions. Be aware however that there are no refunds for people who choose to leave an attraction early; therefore, you may not want to bring a younger child or someone who may find the attractions too intense. Visitors must be 18 or older in order to “mark” themselves for interactive experiences.

The Indy Screampark is open rain or shine throughout September, October and through November 4. On weekdays, attractions open at 7 p.m. and close at 10:30 p.m.; on Fridays and Saturdays, the attractions are open until 1 a.m.

Ticket prices vary depending on the day. Weekday tickets cost $22.95 when purchased online; weekend tickets start at $29.95. Prices increase for last-minute tickets, and a $5 surcharge is added when you buy tickets at the box office, so buying online is a good way to save some money. Be sure to schedule your evening in advance as tickets can get sold out.