Indiana Fear Farm

Face your fears of the outdoors when you go on a haunted hayride at the Indiana Fear Farm. There are a few attractions on the farm aside from the hayride. Age recommendations are older children through adults. The hayride features scenes of the Headless Horseman and how he lost his head. While you’re riding on the wagon, you can hear screams of terror in the distance. At times, the screams are accompanied by chainsaws and chains rattling. The sounds can be heard right near the wagon at some points of the ride.

The ride takes about 20 minutes. In this few short minutes, you’ll experience fear like you’ve never seen along with a fun adventure. There are sounds of explosions and scenes that will question your senses even before the wagon leaves to go on the trail. Over 50 actors ensure that your trip is unforgettable. The Headless Horseman gallops through the woods while you’re on the wagon, sometimes riding right along beside you in all his haunted glory. A haunted barn is also on the farm. This is an interactive attraction with everything from monsters to creepy clowns. People with heart conditions and young children are not encouraged to go through the barn.