Haunted Angelus House

The Haunted Angelus House is an attraction for the entire family. Kids can use glow sticks to venture around the house until it gets dark. Then, the adults and teenagers can see if they can make it through the haunted halls of the home. Proceeds from the haunted house go to help support a group that specializes in cerebral palsy. While you’re walking through the house, you’ll see various images that are frightening and stunning at the same time. There are rooms that look like they were left as they were decorated dozens of years ago. Try to get past the dark and foreboding clowns and the zombies who only want to try a piece of your brain.

Some rooms feature some of the most popular serial killers from the movies, such as Freddy, Leatherface, and Michael. There are psychedelic clowns and clowns that look like they missed the circus and decided to kill instead. A woman calmly waits in the stairs for you to walk past, offering a few frightening looks your way that will leave a haunting image in the mind. A popular room in the house is the surgical ward. Doctors operate, but the patients don’t always make it out alive.

A snack bar is located on the property as well as a covered waiting area. Wheelchair access is available.