Fright Manor

Get ready to spend a haunting evening roaming the halls of Fright Manor. This is an attraction that is not recommended for children as there are some sights that could be disturbing. One of the stops through the manor is by the butcher shop. See what the butcher is hacking up as it could be one of his victims. He also performs a few surgeries that you won’t want to miss. Clowns might seem like they would be funny, but at Fright Manor, they tend to stare at you a little weird and show you just why you should be afraid of clowns.

While you’re walking or running around the manor, you might hear a chainsaw or two or a few slamming doors. Listen for the sounds of people being tortured or people being chased from one room to another. There are a few special guests who make an appearance at the attraction, such as a strange little girl who seems innocent enough until she rushes up to you with shining eyes. You’ll pass by a jail cell to see how people are held captive until they are disposed of in a haunting fashion. End the night by visiting a psychedelic room with bright paint and flashing lights that might make you want to turn and run.