Bspot | Keystone & 86th

Located conveniently adjacent to the Keystone Fashion Mall, Bspot isn’t afraid to provide real meat-eaters with a perfectly cooked mid rare burger. The fact that they’ve won numerous burger awards doesn’t hurt either. Among these blue-ribbon winners is the Fat Doug, a deli-inspired conception featuring coleslaw, pastrami, stadium mustard and swiss cheese. The YO! burger is another, though this one takes cues from Italy with fried salami, capicola, hot peppers, and provolone topped with ShaSha sauce which, although Chinese in origin, somehow fits right in. The rest of the menu is worth noting as well, mainly due to such items as the Old-School, a think-cut bologna sandwich with dill pickles, yellow mustard and American cheese. Close out this meal with one of Bspot’s Badass Shakes like the Chocolate Banana Marshmallow or the Vanilla Bean Apple Pie & Bacon.