Box Burger Truck | Central Indiana

Last but certainly not least is Box Burger Truck. Following the recent mobile food truck craze, Box Burger is just that, a box on wheels serving up delicious burgers. Like most food trucks, their menu is small. This allows for the cooks on board to focus on making sure every Black Angus burger is absolutely perfect. The kicker here, though, is the seasoning. Box Burger uses a secret spice blend on both their burgers and their hand-cut Idaho potato fries. On the burger side, basic toppings like L/T/O/P are free, though you have the option of premium add-ons like bacon or egg for $1. While the burger here is our focus, it’s worth mentioning their Black Angus hot dogs are not far behind on the taste spectrum. Follow them on Twitter @boxburgertruck to find out when they will be at a location near you!