Boogie Burger | Broad Ripple

The goal of Boogie Burger owners was to create a gourmet burger establishment in a quick-service environment. Here, one can place an order at the counter and step to the side while their fresh patty is chargrilled in mere moments. Those into overkill will be pleased to peruse Boogie Burger’s menu. The Cluck & Moo for instance is a 1/3-pound burger which sits beneath a grilled chicken breast topped with cheddar. By the way, Boogie is also known for their signature seasoned, chargrilled chicken breasts they call “Funky Chicken.” The Boogie Monster is just that, huge and possibly terrifying. With two 1/3-pound patties, onion rings, grilled pastrami, fried egg, bacon and extra cheese, this bad boy is something to behold.