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Room, we need more room.

Story: Loren & Casey Lanier

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Room, we needed more room! When we moved to Westfield from Ft. Wayne, we moved from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 3-bedroom rental home thinking from that transition, we would have enough room for our family of three for a while. However, three months later, Casey’s mother moved in with us and it began to feel like there was no room for anything! We knew we needed more room. With the help of our F.C. Tucker agent, we found the home we are in now for a deal we couldn’t beat.

Did you know a REALTOR® can help you with new construction? We didn’t either! When we went to our agent with questions about the possibility of a new build, he said he could help us as first time home buyers and builders. We heavily depended on the knowledge of our agent to navigate us through the process. He did a lot for us that we didn’t know we needed. From negotiating more money in upgrades in the builder’s design studio to talking to the builder about defects and staying in contact with us for months after we moved in, our agent saw us through the entire process and made sure we got everything as perfect as possible.

Thank you F.C. Tucker, we needed more room and we found it! We are in love with our home. Anyone building house should have an agent on their side, we know we are glad we did!

– Loren & Casey Lanier

Why do we love our F.C. Tucker agent?

  • Our agent helped us get more money to use in the design studio.
  • Our agent helped up find a mortgage lender that got us a really great interest rate.
  • Our agent helped mediate a lot of things in the building process.
  • Our agent checked on the house when we weren’t available and communicated with us weekly.
  • Our agent was with us all the way through the process. When we weren’t happy with a few things, he went back.


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