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I have questions.

Story: Ashley Miser

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We had questions. So many questions! Luckily, we were referred by a friend to our Tucker agent. We met at a coffee shop and she was so real and down to earth and wanted to get to know us as people. That is what drew us to want to work with Tucker – the fact that she cared about us as people instead of just looking at us as a transaction. We were looking to buy, as we had rented and then moved in with my husband’s parents. First-time buying is daunting and she guided us through the entire process. She listened. She could mentally check boxes about what we liked and didn’t like and she was easy to work with. We could text or call, we didn’t feel like there was any barrier to reaching her.

My husband and I had been renting so that is what we knew and we were definitely in this phase of “do we rent or do we buy”. We were reading all these articles – Forbes and Pete the Planner – about renting vs buying and what millennials are doing and we were really struggling. We really wanted to lay down roots and have that ownership experience so our Tucker agent listened and ultimately led us to our condo where we pay HOA fees that take away some burdens. She helped us see that we could buy and have some elements of what we liked about renting. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, so our agent showed us big houses, small houses, and all kinds of neighborhoods across the city. She was able to pinpoint what each of us wanted and that drew us to our condo. She knew this is something we would be interested in. When we walked in we knew it was perfect, we had that feeling that people talk about that we thought was a cliché.

The rest happened quickly, she was so amazing and guided us through the process. Our agent went above and beyond, making herself available at the drop of a hat. We knew she had other clients, but we felt like we were her only client. Our biggest barrier was trust. She treated us with such care and friendship and we trust her completely.

-Ashley Miser

Why do we love our F.C. Tucker agent?

  • My agent made us feel like her only clients when we knew how busy she was.
  • My agent took us to areas we didn’t know. We would push back, but she convinced us to look. She us out of our pretty box with a bow to show us all the possibilities.
  • My agent would give us room to feel out each property for ourselves. She would walk behind us, ask questions and mostly just listen.
  • My agent was available and intuitive.
  • My agent listened to our conversations and was able to tactfully take that to the next house so over time we eliminated what didn’t work for us and found what did.


We are educated. Tucker agents were offered nearly 2,000 hours of advanced industry instruction in 2016.