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What is a French Drain and Why Would I Need One?

If you get nervous seeing that rain is in the forecast because you know it will leave your yard or basement a soggy, wet mess you might consider a French Drain. This system is designed to get water away from your house, preventing your sump pump from needing to run constantly. Water intrusion can be so frustrating and turn into an even bigger issue if a plan isn’t put into action. So, what exactly is a french drain and how does it work?

What is a French Drain?

A French Drain is a pipe surrounded by rock that is placed in the ground to collect excess water and direct it away from the affected area allowing it to drain naturally beneath the surface. The French Drain can be connected to your down spouts from the gutters and/ or be placed in specific areas in your yard that hold a lot of water. The drain can be covered with grass so no one will ever know it is there.

Photo courtesy of A-1 Concrete Leveling

Are there multiple types of French Drains?

There are a few different types of French Drains. There are Traditional French Drains and Collector/Interceptor drains. The Traditional French Drains, sometimes called Curtain Drains, are what is described above. The Collector and Interceptor drains direct groundwater and surface water towards the same drain. Their purpose is to quickly remove surface water to prevent flooding. This type of French Drain should have a filter due to the shifting earth and debris, otherwise you will have issues with the pipe further down the line.

A French Drain System will typically last 30-40 years and should be installed by a professional.

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