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The Lowdown on Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Professionals in the Real Estate and design industries have seen a noticeable flooring trend in recent years. Luxury Vinyl Flooring. We know what you’re thinking. The words luxury and vinyl together? No chance. Hear us out. This isn’t the bright green roll of vinyl flooring from your grandmother’s 1970’s kitchen. The vinyl flooring making itself popular in homes today is arguably more durable and aesthetically-pleasing than a lot of high-end flooring options out there! 


Our partners at RiteRug Flooring gave us the lowdown on all things luxury vinyl.

What is luxury vinyl?

This type of vinyl is able to replicate the look of higher-end materials such as hardwood and stone with a much more affordable price tag. There are a variety of types available these days, but the majority are made up of several key layers that make them a solid option for your home. The base layer or backing layer acts as support while also reducing noise and preventing mold/mildew. The rigid core layer comes next. It is a PVC material that gives the floor its’ waterproof characteristic. Print and wear layers are added on top to achieve a beautiful look and offer added protection. 3D printing technology is used to mimic the desired ‘natural material’. Urethane is typically the topcoat used on the wear layer to preserve the flooring and allow for easy maintenance.


Why is it’s popularity growing?

It really got started in commercial settings such as hospitals and grocery stores because of its’ affordability, durability, and classier look. For those same reasons, the market in residential has exploded over the last decade. Manufacturers now offer a much wider selection of color and style options for homeowners to enjoy. The math is simple. The cost of materials & installation is lower than real wood or tile, and maintenance is simpler and less expensive. The durable structure previously discussed eliminates the need for refinishing, sealing, waxing, etc. Another pro of luxury vinyl is that it tends to be much quieter underfoot than wood floor options.


Things to consider. 

If you’re looking to install luxury vinyl in your home, there are a few things to consider first. We’ve reiterated the fact that this can be a much cheaper alternative, however, there are types out there that can be pricier than some engineered hardwoods. If the “family-friendly” (scratch & water resistant) features are important to you, the cost difference could be justifiable. 

Most luxury vinyl options are floating floors. Meaning they snap or click together and are not nailed or glued down to the subfloor. On the plus side, this can make the replacement of damaged boards a much easier process. If you own a lot of huge, heavy furniture however, this could eliminate the desired movement of the floor and may not be the best option. 


If you are interested in seeing samples of luxury vinyl flooring that RiteRug offers… a representative will bring them right to your home with their mobile showroom! Also in the van are hundreds of carpet, tile, and other flooring options, so you can view all your choices from the comfort of your couch. Call (317) 586-1771 to schedule an appointment!


This article was co-authored by F.C. Tucker Home Services & RiteRug Flooring

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