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Four Myths About Termites We Debunked

One of the four main wood destroying insects (the others are carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powder post beetles) in Indiana are termites.  Being in the pest control industry, we often hear some misconceptions when treating for termites. We want to set the record straight and make sure your home is protected!

I only have to have my house treated for termites if there are live tubes.

This is not true. Indiana has subterranean termites that live in the ground and enter homes through wood by constructing mud tubes or shelter tubes.

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Photo courtesy of AAPSWorld

If a homeowner or inspector sees these tubes, it means that they have been there at some point and they can come back.  If the home has never been treated, if it has been more than five years, or if annual re-inspections have not taken place, it is recommended to have the home treated.

I had my home treated several years ago so I don’t need to have it treated again.

The state requires pest control companies to include a one-year warranty with termite treatments. After that, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep up with annual re-inspections to ensure there haven’t been any re-infestations.  Most companies will call or send reminders that the annual re-inspection is due.  If the homeowner doesn’t make an appointment, the warranty will expire after the first year.  If the homeowner later decides to sell the home and an inspector sees termite shelter tubes, they will recommend treatment unless documentation can be produced that the annual re-inspections have taken place.

Termites are so tiny that they can’t do that much damage.

Experts estimate that a 60,000 count colony can eat one foot of a 2×4 piece of wood in five months.  Colonies can range in the thousands to the millions.  They can cause damage much sooner than five months.  If a homeowner only wanted to live in their home one year, think how much damage there would be!

My home is brick so termites don’t affect my home.

Yes, the siding may be brick, or stone, or stucco, but there are still wood structures in the framing and foundation of every home.

termite shelter tubes - Nature's Way Pest Control
Photo courtesy of Nature’s Way Pest Control

Take a look at this masonry block wall.  Termites built shelter tubes (mud tubes) all the way up to the wood framing.  Our own technicians have often found termite shelter tubes in attics!

If you suspect termites or are considering selling your home, have a licensed pest control company (like Dr. Bug) schedule a time to perform a WDI, wood destroying insect, report.  The technician will identify any wood destroying insects and provide a treatment plan, if needed.

Article written by guest author Karen Dowdell with Dr. Bug

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