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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist to Complete Before More Freezing Temps

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner!

Time to take care of that to-do list so your home can handle the cold months ahead.

Check seals & caulking

Do your windows need to be sealed or resealed to avoid letting in that cold winter air? How has the caulking on your exterior held up?

Protect your deck

Does your deck need a power wash and seal to shield it from the ice and snow cold?

Check walking paths for hazards

It is important to make sure your walkways steps and railing are stable to avoid slipping on ice!

Test your exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting helps with safety & security in the darker months. Make sure bulbs are changed and connections are working so you can spot any slick spots on the driveway.

Purchase under door draft stoppers & window weather strip tape

Are all the doors and windows protected to prevent wind drafts and reduce heating costs? Speaking of weather stripping, is your garage door equipped with it as well? Your garage could be a huge source of drafts!

If your looking for a professional to handle your checklist tasks, Ace Handyman Services is available for the job!

 This article was written by guest author Ace Handyman Services

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