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20 Things to Throw Out When Moving

Decluttering before moving has lots of benefits! Having less stuff to move will make the process easier and cheaper (if you are hiring a professional moving company). Furthermore, a clean, clutter-free home always shows better and attracts more buyers. We are here to help make the pre-move decluttering process easier! Check out this list of 20 Things to Throw Out When Moving Below.

20 Things to Throw Out When Moving

1. Anything Expired- Think food, spices, medicine, makeup.

2. Non-essential paperwork and Junk Mail- shred and recycle what you can, of course! 

3. Outdated Electronics- Phones, computers, VHS players etc. These can all be recycled at an e-waste center. It is against the law to throw electronic waste in municipal trash in Indiana. Learn more about E-Waste Disposal here.

4. Old Clothes and Shoes- If you haven’t worn something in a few years, it is probably time to donate! 

5. Worn Towels and Sheets- You won’t want these when moving to a new home. The cool thing is that some animal shelters will take these items as donations! 

6. Old Books and Magazines- Recycle the magazines and donate the books to a little free library in your neighborhood. 

7. Outdated Seasonal Decor- Donate any seasonal decor items you haven’t used in a few years! 

8. Old Toys- Recycle or toss what’s broken or missing pieces. You can donate the rest! 

9. Unused Serving Dishes- Do you have serving dishes from your wedding registry that you’ve never used? It’s probably time to donate them!

10. Stray Cords- Get rid of any cords or chargers that aren’t used or are no longer needed. Cord clutter is the worst!

11. Plastic Containers– We are especially talking about plastic food containers. The time to recycle those Country Crock containers is now! 

12. Worn Furniture- Old, worn furniture isn’t going to help your house show well. It’s best to get rid of ratty furniture before you list your home for sale! 

13. Old Forms of Media- VHS tapes, cassette tapes, floppy disks, etc. 

14. Old Rugs- Old rugs are gross, and you won’t want them in your new home! 

15. Excess Luggage- Luggage can take up a lot of space. You shouldn’t need more than 3 pieces of luggage per person in your household. 

16. Baby Gear- You probably don’t need these items if you don’t plan on having more kids. Find a friend or someone in your community who could use them instead!

17. Mugs- No one needs 30+ coffee cups. Keep the cute ones and recycle or donate the rest! 

18. Knick Knacks- Are you holding on to home decor items that you don’t love? It’s time to donate those household items now! Moving is a great time to reinvent your style and purge anything that doesn’t make you happy!

19. Used Office Supplies: Think journals, half used notebooks, broken crayons, excess pens etc. 

20. Anything Broken or with Missing Pieces- If it’s been broken for a while, it will probably never be fixed. It’s time to let go! 

One Last Fun Tip for How to Declutter Before Moving

Host a Pre-Moving Party! This is the perfect (and fun) way to get rid of food, beverages, party supplies etc. before moving! You could even set out a table of items that are “free for the taking.” Not only will a pre-move party help you get rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t need, but it will also help you say farewell to your old place! 

This article was written by guest author Fire Dawgs Junk Removal.

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