Home Selling

Kitchens FTW!

You have heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but in the world of real estate  does it still remain number one in the heart of the buyer? Sellers take note: the answer is a resounding yes. However, your local REALTOR® is a good resource to consult before diving in to an expensive and life altering kitchen renovation. Most real estate experts would advise that the cost of your kitchen should reflect your home and your neighborhood’s market value. Another consideration would be how soon you are planning to sell after a remodel.

Outdated kitchens make it difficult to sell a home, but many cringe at the thought of upending life to get that dream kitchen. Good news from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report 2017: A minor kitchen remodel (averaging around $20,000) showed an 80.2 percent return on investment while a major kitchen remodel (averaging around $60,000) held a 65.3 percent return on investment.

With this in mind, here are seven ways to put your home’s kitchen in the plus column for a buyer:

1. Warm it up.
“It’s almost not worth calling it a kitchen anymore- It’s a living room that you can cook in,” says Christopher Peacock, a high end cabinetry designer in Norwalk, CT. Adding comfortable, upholstered pieces that invite your family and guests to relax and keep the chef company is one way to take your kitchen from utilitarian to cozy.

2. Give them a place to gather.
The open concept isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Kitchens have become an extension of the family room and today’s buyer is looking for a place for family and friends to gather. Large, single level islands are a feature that make it easy for family and guests to be enjoy the kitchen with the cook.

3. Switch out your countertops.

If your countertops are keeping you in the last decade, consider a switch. Surprisingly, granite still remains the most popular countertop choice. It’s durability is likely the reason it beats out other current countertop beauties like marble and quartz.

4. Upgrade your appliances.

In a chef’s world, bigger is better and integrated is a current must. Separate refrigerator and freezers make the wish list as well as double ovens and six burner, high end ranges. Appliances that used to serve a single function are going high tech. Now, refrigerators contents can be viewed from your smart phone and you can preheat your oven before you get home. This integrated technology is something today’s buyer will be looking for.

5. Follow the color trends.

Flip through any current home design magazine and you will see that light and neutral is still winning. Dark cabinets and primary colors are a thing of the past and will easily date your home. Layering with muted tones and texture will freshen your kitchen in the eyes of today’s buyer.

6. Give your cabinets a makeover or mini-makeover.

For a timeless look, a classic white kitchen is here to say. A simple, white shaker style cabinet is a current favorite, keeping with the clean and timeless theme. If new cabinetry is not in the budget, consider painting or adding glass to cabinet doors. Simply replacing hardware can also give your cabinets a quick pick me up.

7. Add storage in creative ways.

A walk-in pantry and deep, soft closing drawers provide the ultimate place to put it all away but if that’s not a possibility, consider adding little touches like open shelving or hanging racks to keep your kitchen current and clutter free.

There are few places in your home more central to its character – and its ability to sell quickly – than your kitchen. REALTORS® agree, it’s the space that should get a little extra attention when prepping your home for a sale.