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What Are the Most Popular Features in New Home Construction?

Every homebuyer has their “wish list” of things they want their home to have. That list frequently has to be adjusted and amended, however, when you’re buying a pre-existing home.

When you’re building your home from scratch, however, you’re really only limited by your budget and your dreams. If you’re thinking of selling your starter home and upgrading to your dream dwelling, you might as well consider all the top luxury options that are popular today.

So, what are the most sought-after amenities homeowners crave in a custom home? Open floor plans used to be the pinnacle of design, but they’re not universally beloved (especially with more people working at home and in need of private space). What, then, makes a luxury home really luxurious? Consider these:

Heated Floors

Heated floors might not be such a sought-after item if you live in an area where it’s warm all the time, but both Indiana and Kentucky are known for freezing winters and some brutal cold snaps in both the spring and fall. 

That can make low radiant floor heating a very attractive feature, especially in places where you’ll appreciate the extra comfort, like in the bathrooms or the laundry room (although some people also install them in living rooms, dining rooms and even workout rooms).

Home Automation

Smart homes have moved from science fiction to fact – and savvy home builders are staying on top of all the technology that will make living truly luxurious. 

You can have a smart system worked into everything from the security system to the sprinkler system, and virtually everything inside your home can be adapted to modern needs. Whole-house speaker phone systems are popular, but if you want your lights to gradually rise and your curtains to slowly open in the morning, then reverse around dusk, you can also make that happen. 

Electric Car Charging Stations

This is another thing that is topping the list as homeowners and builders adapt to the emerging (and increasingly popular) technology of fully electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Concerns over the harm to the environment from fossil fuels is causing many people to see their electronic vehicles as an investment in the future – so why shouldn’t your new home take the same approach? A Level 2 charger can add a touch of high-tech convenience to your garage and make charging your vehicle (and your friends’ vehicles) so much more convenient.

Hardwood Floors and Beams

Hardwood floors are one of the first things that you’ll notice on existing home listings, and that’s because real estate professionals understand its value. Hardwood flooring is timeless, elegant, durable and always stylish.

So, too, are hardwood ceiling beams. Used as accent pieces, these can create both a sense of warmth and charm to your home – and the rustic nature of these touches can keep your home from feeling sterile and ultra-modern, despite all the technology inside.

Spa-Quality Master Bathrooms

There’s nothing that shouts “affluence and luxury” like a trip to the spa – except bringing the spa home. When you’re building your own home, there’s nothing stopping you from designing a luxury bathroom with a walk-in shower with full-surround shower jets, an elegant copper tub to soak in, towel warms and whatever else your heart desires.

While the most elaborate investment will probably be for the master bath, there’s nothing wrong with adding luxury touches to the kids’ bathroom or guest bathrooms. Towel warmers, beautiful tile and heated floors can make a big impression.

In-Home Gym

For a lot of people, real luxury is defined by both privacy and convenience – and that means having everything they need for their daily routine close at hand, including an exercise room.

Dedicated workout space may seem like a dream if you’re used to folding up the NordicTrack or pulling your yoga mat out from under the couch to unroll every time you want to use it. If you like to stay fit (or just want to encourage yourself to work out more), an in-home gym is a perfect addition to a new home.

Game and Theater Room

An opulent lifestyle means plenty of quality entertainment – and no luxury home would be complete without a dedicated entertainment center for games and movies. 

This is something that can be designed largely for the kids, or you can combine it with adult items, like a bar set up – which may be a particularly attractive idea if you happen to like entertaining before big games or during the Indy 500.

Extended Storage Space

This is a broad term that can mean a lot of different things to different people. You may want a combination walk-in closet and dressing room that makes putting together your look for a day a total breeze, or maybe you just want extra shelving and storage space hidden under the stairs for the things you don’t use every day.

Either way, extra space is something that genuinely feels like a luxury to most people, so make sure that you build plenty of auxiliary storage into your design.

Final Thoughts

Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re still looking for inspiration for your dream home, the luxury of a custom-built home really is within your reach. But remember: Your definition of luxury doesn’t have to match anybody else’s!

Once you have a better idea of your goals, it may be wise to talk to a real estate professional. Unlike a builder, your real estate professional has an obligation to protect your interests – and that can make negotiating for what you want and need much easier.