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The 4 Most Trending Home Decor Styles of 2019

Have you been looking around your home lately and feeling like everything you see is somehow tired and dated? It happens. That’s usually a sign that it’s time to do some updates. 

Whether you’re ready to ditch the Millennial Pink paint and the seashells in the bathroom or just want to be rid of the word art on your walls from trends past, updating your home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. The real challenge is to know what’s trending now — and likely to keep your home looking current and fresh for a few years to come.

Here are some of the top home decorating trends of the past year (along with what’s passing out of favor) and our predictions about what you’ll see more of in the future. We’re also going to tell you what type of decorating styles are on their way out as we move into 2020.


Bold, Primary Colors

A few years ago, every home decor magazine featured lots of grays. Ranging from dusky slate tones to almost-silver, gray was part of clean, minimalist designs in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere.

The problem is that those shades can also easily look sterile or clinical over time — which may be why there’s an emerging trend in home decor toward bold splashes of color with a vintage feel. Think rusty reds the color of old velvet, adobe orange, midnight blue, and mustard yellow. 

If you embraced the grays of previous trends, you don’t have to worry about trying to overhaul your entire look. Instead, just add accent pieces in your chosen color scheme through vintage rugs, interesting glassware or ceramics and a few vibrant pieces of art to your existing space.


Mix-And-Match Furniture and Accents

Gone are the days where everything in a room had to match. Perfectly matching furniture and matchy-matchy hardware all-around can make your living room feel more like a showplace than part of a home. And who wants to sleep every night in a bedroom that looks like it’s inside a suburban hotel? Aside from being uncomfortable, it can also leave your space feeling devoid of any real personality.

The new trends focus on adding personal style to every space through the use of casually mixed pieces of furniture that have been acquired a piece at a time and quirky accent pieces that are full of charm. Mixed-up metals are also a top trend: You no longer have to pick between brushed silver knobs and copper-edged lighting — you can have both!


The Organic, Natural Look 

The industrial look, full of straight lines and indestructible-looking metals, introduced a raw, unfinished look to many homes over the last decade. Industrial materials and Edison bulb lighting were incredibly popular — but those also had a somewhat sterile, unfinished feel to many.

Today’s homeowners are reaching out to the natural world for new inspiration in their home decor. They’re also reaching into the past to embrace handcrafted items and custom-made materials instead. Organic materials are growing in popularity as consumers increasingly reject plastics, pressed-wood pieces, and other mass-marketed items.

Wood floors, especially those ethically sourced from reclaimed wood, have become incredibly popular and are likely to withstand the test of time. Hand-woven or crocheted blankets can enhance a color scheme and soften a room’s look. Rag rugs also evoke the American past and provide a little touch of whimsy in a room.


Big, Beautiful Pieces of Art

A decade ago, gallery-style walls full of small pieces of art and family photos (with a few pieces of word art mixed in) were everywhere. Over time, however, many people have come to feel that a wall full of frames simply looks cluttered. There’s so much to look at that nothing is really noticeable — which kind of defeats the point of having all of that on the wall in the first place.

Today’s homeowner is going big and bold with their art. Regardless of whether you like the lush, Pre-Raphaelite works of John William Waterhouse, the sleek, Art Deco style of Tamara Lempicka or the playful, kaleidoscope of patterns that go along with your Bohemian instinct, ditching a dozen small frames for a few large focal pieces can breathe new life into any room. 

Aside from adding pieces that reflect your chosen accent colors, this is also a chance to experiment with mixed metals and vintage looks. Antique frames in brushed gold or silver can help tie the look you’re aiming for all together.


How Do You Know What Home Decor Styles Will Last?

What goes around in fashion often comes around again a few years later, so the most important part of home decor is seeing to your own comfort. If you make your decorating choices around what you find cozy and calming, you can rarely go wrong. You’ll also find it easier to update your look without any great effort or cost.

But what if you feel like your home needs more than a superficial overhaul? If you have linoleum on your kitchen floor that’s been there since the 1970s or flowered wallpaper that went up in the 1980s, it might be time for a bigger overhaul. In that case, you could consider looking into some professional help. There are plenty of reputable, experienced home service providers available who can redo your floors and repaint the walls for you — leaving you free to concentrate on adding the details that reflect your personal touch.