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How to Incorporate the 2020 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year in Your Home

It’s a new year, a new decade and time to examine new trends. Accordingly, Sherwin-Williams has recently introduced Naval SW 6244 as 2020’s “Color of the Year.” Indeed, many top designers have gradually been easing shades of navy blue into color schemes everywhere over the last couple of years. Naval is a “new neutral” that escapes the dull convention of white or beige tones and isn’t as relentlessly modern or gothic as black — which makes it easy to combine with other accent colors.

Any time you change up the colors in a room, you change the mood, so let’s talk about the feelings and thoughts that Naval evokes. A wall in that color automatically makes you think of the night sky, or the depths of the sea, so there’s something inherently natural about it. Calming and sophisticated, Naval is perfect for minimalist decor — while simultaneously being a great backdrop if your taste runs toward maximalist flair.

So how can you easily incorporate Naval SW 6244 into your home? Here are our tips:


Add an Accent Wall to Create Depth

Weirdly enough, one of the best ways to add depth to a small place is to use cool colors, so consider painting the wall going up your stairwell Naval — while leaving the rest of the stairwell and hallway gray or white. 

Similarly, you could choose to make a small space look wider by adding a Naval accent wall in your master bedroom. The calming effect of Naval may even help you relax whenever you have a little extra “me time” in your home.


Pair a Deeply Beautiful Ceiling with Rugs

Naval blue is simply begging to be tried out on the ceiling in your favorite room or down a long hallway — especially if the ceiling has always seemed a little too high for comfort. Adding a deep color like Naval can bring a sense of warmth into a room that might otherwise feel like it has too much empty space. 

You can complete the look by adding a few matching rugs on the floor. This is particularly effective if you went in for the washed-out or reclaimed wood floors that have been popular for a while, although Naval also makes dark wood floors look even richer.


Don’t Be Afraid to Add Color to Your Bath or Kitchen

Naval blue is one of the few colors that looks equally good with nickel, copper and gold — so you don’t have to hesitate when adding it to the bathroom or kitchen. It will look fantastic no matter what color fixtures you have.

Naval cupboard doors and a dark blue backsplash paired with white trim can make your kitchen look modern without being sterile and comfortable without losing its crispness. Similarly, if your bathroom has been rocking the all-white or all-gray look that was popular in years past, Naval can update the look without becoming overwhelming.


Pair Naval with Chair Rails in Your Dining Room

If you’ve long had white or gray walls and you’re a little afraid to change everything at once, consider adding a chair rail or wainscoting midway up the walls of the room you want to paint. Then, just paint the upper or lower half of the walls in Naval. Leave your baseboards (painted or unpainted) alone for a quick-and-easy transformation that won’t take forever nor break the bank.

Add in plates with matching navy accents and a few pieces of decor with similar blues and you’ll have a coordinated look full of understated elegance that’s bound to impress your family and guests alike — just don’t forget the matching navy candles and napkins!


Redo Old Furniture with a Few Pops of Color

Do you have an old chair with fabric that’s seen better days? What about an old piece of wooden furniture or two that’s gotten a bit boring? Well, that chair can be recovered (and you’re bound to find the Color of the Year available in tons of printed or solid fabrics) and an afternoon with a paintbrush and some new hardware can totally transform that old cabinet or chest of drawers into something wonderful.

If you add a few coordinated pillows and a few simple accent pieces in similar shades, you can affect an entire room makeover for very little cost — and even less effort.


Use the Right Window Treatments and Wall Art

Don’t overlook the value of changing your window treatments up to match color trends. If you don’t have time to paint (or don’t want the commitment), now might be an ideal time to change your drapes or sheers instead.

While you’re at it, a few pieces of art with a splash of Naval blue can play up the accent pieces in the room and tie everything together. (Again, don’t overlook the value of a good accent rug in the right colors.) The best part? If you decide that Naval blue really isn’t your thing after a while, it won’t be hard to make some adjustments.


Redoing your home to keep up with the trends for the new decade doesn’t have to be a herculean task — especially when it comes to updating your existing look with Naval SW 6244. Naval blue looks equally good in a modern-styled home surrounded by chrome and white as it does next to handwoven baskets and warm leather couches. Either way, it’s a great color for drawing the eye, soothing the soul and anchoring a room.