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Everything’s Rosy with 2023’s Color of the Year by Sherwin-Williams

There’s been a sort of ongoing drift among consumers toward home design elements that embrace the nostalgia of the past, the romance of a simpler life and a timeless, natural elegance that just makes their surroundings feel comfortable, comforting and cozy.

It’s only natural, then, that the color palettes that people gravitate to are reflective of that desire for calmness and security – and the advent of the Color of the Year 2023 by Sherwin-Williams simply reinforces the trend.

Redend Point (SW 9081) is a nuanced hue that is the perfect blend of a blush rose and a neutral beige that manages to balance the calming energy of earth tones with a sense of optimism for the future. It’s the sort of playful pink that – rather than overwhelming a room – can inspire creativity and cheerfulness in equal measure.

Can a Blush Tone Really Be a Neutral?

Redend Point isn’t your grandmother’s neutral, to be sure – and it’s definitely not the “relocation beige” that you find in every new home or apartment. 

Frankly, all of that is a point in its favor. For a while now, people have been drifting away from off-whites, eggshell and beige as their neutrals of choice, and looking toward navy blues, bronze tones and earthy green-grays. Redend Point is perfectly in sync with the idea that a neutral can be warm and nourishing to the spirit without being bland and boring.

Redend Point is the perfect color to inject a little personality into an otherwise bland room, since it pairs well with white trim, wood floors and all the natural fibers and textures that have become prominent in home decor trends these days. In the words of Sue Wadden, the color marketing director at Sherwin-Williams, this color is what you get “if beige could blush.” As she puts it, “…it has a certain softness and soothing quality to it that is really unique” while still being warm and earthy.

So, how can you incorporate Redend Point SW 9081 into your home’s decor? If you’re ready to freshen up the look of your home, be willing to experiment! We’ve got some ideas that may help:

Start with Accent Pieces in Your Living Room

If your home already leans heavily into warm neutrals, why not see how well Redend Point pares with your existing decor through the use of some strategically placed accent pieces? Sherwin Williams has teamed with a whole lot of designers to create a curated selection of art and home accessories in this color.

Candle holders, throw pillows for the couch and blankets to crawl under while you sip cider or coffee on a chilly fall night can all let you try out the color to see how it makes you feel before you commit to any major changes. A rug or two on the floor in this tone (or a mix of rosy shades) can also add tremendous warmth to a space.

Pick a Ceiling or a Wall on Which to Experiment

Gone are the days when your ceilings had to be white to be acceptable. If you have a hallway or a sitting room that just feels a little boring or bland, why not try Redend Point on the ceiling? The rosy tones will lift the eyes and, quite possibly, the spirits of everybody who passes that way.

If the ceiling seems like a bit too much trouble to paint, you can always pick a small accent wall to try out this hue. The wall directly opposite the entranceway to your home could be an ideal choice. If you use a mirror to create the illusion of extra space, Redend Point will look particularly lovely with a wood, bronze or gold frame.

Add a Little Warmth to Your Bathroom or Kitchen

A full-blown renovation of your kitchen or bathroom can be quite an expensive undertaking (if ultimately worth it), so why not go for a quick-and-easy upgrade through the strategic use of color and new hardware? 

Repainting a small bathroom with Redend Point won’t take you more than a single afternoon. If you’re more ambitious and brave, you can tackle the kitchen instead. If you’re still sporting white cabinets, you can create a fresh, new look just by covering them in this lovely blush tone.

For either room, ditch the brushed pewter and silver of the last decade and update your handles, sink fixtures and other hardware with bronze or copper to bring out the earthy hues in this new creation from Sherwin-Williams.

Breathe New Life Into a Few Old Pieces of Furniture

Finally, if you’ve leaned heavily in to the “Granny Chic” or “Cottagecore” trend, you probably have quite a few old pieces of furniture around that are practically begging for updates. This is your chance to get a little creative and mix-and-match colors on a piece of wooden furniture that’s seen better days.

An old bookcase, for example, could look stunning with Redend Point on the inside back, while you could paint the edges with the complimenting colors suggested by Sherwin-Williams, like Kestrel White (SW 7516) or Canyon Clay (SW 6054). You could do the same with an old coffee table or dining room chairs.

The options for Redend Point are virtually endless, whether you choose to go big or small with your redesign efforts. It’s a versatile shade that bridges both the old and the new, and it has an optimistic feel that can help you embrace the world and your own creative spirit!