Decorating for Spring Without the Kitsch
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Decorating for Spring (Without the Kitsch)

Have you got a little touch of “spring fever” happening? Nobody will be surprised. 

After all, it is the season of change, and the excitement in the air is almost palpable. The Spring Equinox has just passed, Easter is around the corner and the first flowers of the season are already starting to bloom. The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and lots of folks are already looking forward to spring break from school or early vacations.

If you’ve already tackled your spring cleaning, the next thing you probably want to handle is adjustments to your decor. People often find spring decorating kind of tricky to pull off: On one hand, you want your home to look bright, airy and in tune with the season — but you don’t want it to look like an Easter basket exploded in your home, either.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of ways to add elegant spring touches that avoid all the commercial kitsch and candy-colored trappings that will quickly wear on your sensibilities. Done right, you can carry many of these ideas all the way through summer.

Replace Heavy Blankets and Pillows with Light, Airy Fabrics

Throw blankets and pillows on the couches, loveseats and rocking chairs never go out of season — and they make a room infinitely more inviting and cozy.  

However, this is the time to ditch the plush velvets, faux furs and dark colors. Give everything you had out for winter comfort a good wash and pack them away for fall. Then, replace them with light-colored blankets made of cotton and linen or silk pillows in either pale or bright tones, according to your preference. Blues, yellows and greens are particularly winsome during the summer, but you can also add lavender, lilac or rose tones into the mix with abandon.

Go for Natural Designs in Your Decorative Items

Spring and summer are magnificent times to incorporate natural elements into your decor. When you’re choosing your spring and summer blankets and pillows, look for patterns that include flowers, birds, leaves or vines.

You can also add specific nods to spring without resorting to rainbow eggs and the like by adding decorative pieces of pottery or figurines that portray rabbits, birds, bees and other creatures associated with spring. 

Again, look for accent items that are made out of natural materials, like wood or clay, and solid, refined colors like off-white. Metal accent pieces in the shape of birds and rabbits also convey a sense of the season — without looking too terribly “Easter-colored.” That way, your decor can gracefully transition to summer with you.

Add Rustic Spring Touches to Your Entrance or Foyer

If you simply can’t let the season pass without a basket of Easter eggs on display in the foyer of your home, you can still eschew the plastic commercial kind and use other options that won’t look jarringly out of place in your otherwise elegant interior.

Some of the best options include natural, pre-blown eggs, which are easily found all over online. Many have gorgeous color variations that make it unnecessary to add dye. Another good option is a set of alabaster or marble eggs, which come in nearly every color. Get a natural basket and line it with a soft cloth, and you have an instant Easter display that’s easy to pack up when you’re done.

Add Lots of Flowers, Green Plants and New Herbs Into the Mix

Spring is literally the perfect time to indulge your love of greenery and flowers. A few single-bud glass vases grouped together can allow you to display cuttings from the early spring arrivals in your garden, while a bigger vase can be used to show off a rotating display of blossoms that you pick up at the store each week.

As soon as practical, you may also want to start a miniature indoor herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. Mint, oregano, lemon balm, rosemary and thyme are great for cuttings when you want to add them to a dish, and they smell wonderful, to boot!

This is also the time you can go wild with potted annuals if you’re so inclined. Grab a few rustic-looking clay pots (or hide plastic pots inside wicker baskets), and fill them to the brim with fresh pansies and violas, or indulge in a few of the potted orchids or lilies that are available all over right now.

Break Out Grandma’s China Tea Set or Go Thrifting for Mismatched Designs

There’s something inherently charming, whimsical and light about a dainty china tea set that’s covered in floral accents. If you’re lucky enough to have a tea set like this that was passed down to you, now is the perfect time to get it out. Both functional and lively, you can add it to the things that will make your home seem particularly warm and welcoming.

If you don’t have a tea set, but still like the “granmillennial” style, hit the thrift shops: You can probably find some lovely single cups and saucers that need a home. Mix-and-match decor is definitely “in” right now, so go ahead and embrace it.

Finally, remember the most important thing of all when it comes to home decor: Unless you’re selling your home soon, your home should be a reflection of your personal taste and style — so forge ahead with whatever makes you happiest to see around you!