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Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret: Expert Siding Installation and Repair

Professional Siding Installation in Atlanta: What to Look For

You’ve lived in Atlanta for years but never realized the city’s best-kept secret was right under your nose—or rather, right on the sides of your house.  Expert siding installation and repair ATL services that will transform your home. Whether you need vinyl, metal, stone or wood siding installed to boost your home’s curb appeal or require siding repairs to fix damage, Atlanta’s siding pros are at your service. These locally-owned companies boast decades of experience transforming homes across the metro area with quality siding solutions. 

Forget dealing with pushy salespeople or mediocre workmanship. Atlanta’s siding experts are as good as it gets. They’ll provide a free estimate, help you review the best siding options for your budget, and complete the installation or repairs with precision and care. Your neighbors will be knocking on your freshly-sided door asking for recommendations once they see the dramatic results.  

Discover Atlanta’s secret to home improvement success. Expert siding installation and repair can change the look and value of your home without the hassle. Now you’re in on the secret—and your home is about to become the envy of your neighborhood.

Common Siding Repairs in Atlanta and When to Call a Pro

When it comes to siding installation or repair in Atlanta, finding a reputable professional is key. Look for companies that:  

– Have been in business for at least 5-10 years. Established siding contractors have the experience to handle any job.

– Are properly licensed and insured. Make sure they have general liability insurance and workers’ compensation for their crew.  

 – Have a portfolio of photos from previous jobs. Check their website or ask to see before and afters of homes similar to yours. See if their workmanship meets your standards.

– Provide detailed, written estimates. Get estimates from multiple contractors and compare. Look for ones that account for all necessary materials and labor.  

– Offer a warranty on labor and materials. A minimum of 2 years is standard, but longer is better. Make sure you understand exactly what the warranty covers.   

– Have a proven process. From removing your old siding and checking for any necessary repairs to installing the new siding and ensuring a quality finish, look for companies with tried-and-true procedures.  

– Focus on customer service. Look for reviews from past customers talking about their experience. Top-notch siding contractors will communicate well, show up on time, and ensure you’re satisfied with the finished result.

When you find contractors that tick all these boxes, you’ve located Atlanta’s best kept secret for new siding or siding repair. Now the only thing left to do is determine which company is the right fit for your home and budget!

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Atlanta Siding Investment

Siding is typically durable, but even the best materials can sustain damage over time. Some common issues Atlanta homeowners face include:  

Cracks or holes. Small cracks can turn into big problems if left unaddressed. Inspect your siding regularly for any cracks or holes and seal or patch them as soon as possible. For larger damage, it’s best to call a pro. They can properly assess the issue and perform necessary repairs to prevent further damage.  

Warping or buckling. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum siding can warp or buckle due to moisture exposure or structural damage. If you notice sections of siding pulling away from the home, call a siding expert right away. They have the skills and equipment to re-secure the siding and address the root cause of the problem.

Dents or dings. Accidental damage to siding from sports equipment, fallen tree branches, or even hail is common. While small dents or dings in siding typically won’t impact performance, they should still be repaired. A pro can pound out or fill in dents and dings, then match your siding’s texture and color for a seamless repair.  

Fading. All siding will fade over time due to sun and weather exposure. If your siding has severely faded, a pro can apply a fresh coat of paint or protective sealant to improve both the appearance and performance of the siding. For vinyl or aluminum siding, they can also perform color matching to restore it to like-new condition.  

At the first sign of damage or wear, call a professional siding contractor. They have the expertise to properly assess issues, perform necessary repairs, and help maximize the lifespan of your home’s siding. Your house—and your wallet—will thank you for it.