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Announcing My Tucker Perks


Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows it’s a multi-step process. The buying and selling part is pretty straightforward, right? And when it gets complex or a little technical, your agent is there for all the heavy lifting – guiding all the complicated pricing questions, negotiating between parties, smoothing out the tense moments, and ultimately getting you to a happy closing. 

It’s the “other stuff”, the devil in the details kind of stuff, the less than glamorous tasks that they don’t show on HGTV kind of stuff that ultimately falls on your shoulders as the buyer or seller. Finding the painter to make sure rooms are show-ready, locating a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor, getting the best price in window treatments, etc. You are moving out and you need to make sure the spot Rover dug into the hardwoods gets repaired before the first showing. Or your moving in and those original hardwoods need refreshing. Who does all that? 

F.C. Tucker agents have access to all those services and more through their exclusive Home Services Program. Hundreds of vendors are part of the program and can help buyers and sellers before, during, and after the sale with every imaginable task. Now buyers and sellers who work with an F.C. Tucker agent have an even greater edge with more than $1,000 in Tucker Perks savings from select Home Services vendors. Claiming a Tucker Perk is easy and unlimited. You can claim a Tucker Perk during your transaction, 2 weeks later or 2 years later. Buy or sell with a Tucker agent and the savings never stop!

To get started, create a My Tucker account and grab a discount code for every vendor offering a perk! The My Tucker account is the same account buyers and sellers have used for years to save searches, flag their favorite listings, or receive email alerts about new listings on Any client already registered with a My Tucker account does not need to do anything except login and view the perks. Check out or ask your Tucker agent today!