Home Buying Home Selling

The Pros to Know

In any new venture it is best to have a team of knowledgeable experts in your back pocket. Buying and selling a home is no different. Your local REALTOR® can certainly help you navigate the process of purchasing a home or readying your home to sell. Inquire as to whether or not your local real estate company has a home services division that is available to clients. This feature not only offers convenience when hiring a home professional, it also provides choice, savings and most importantly, reassurance.

If you could choose three home service professionals to have in your corner during your buying or selling experience, these are three you might want to have on speed dial:

  • General Contractor/handyman                                                                                                         

For projects great and small, a general contractor or handyman will not only provide the answer… they’ll be able to fix it! A general contractor or handyman can start by offering professional insight that can help a seller increase their home’s value. These home pros know how to get a home in perfect condition and can collaborate with the homeowner to compile a list of repairs from paint touch ups and drywall repair to major structural or roofing issues. Your REALTOR® can then help prioritize what repairs make the most sense when prepping your home for sale and, help you through the inspection process when repairs are requested to get the sale over the finish line.

2. Mechanical Expert

This category includes HVAC, plumbing and wiring. Most will agree that small updates that are visible can increase the value of your home. However, the hidden parts of a home are just as vital to a home sale. A HVAC system that is new or in excellent condition is often at the top of a prospective buyer’s list. Mechanical experts can provide a run through of your entire system, including duct work, so you are aware of any issues. An electrician will ensure that all wiring is up to date while red flagging and fixing any outstanding issues. Plumbing projects can encompass anything from updating and replacing fixtures to checking water pressure, inspecting pipes and making sure a water heater is in good condition.

3. Carpet Cleaner

When selling a home, pristine flooring is an absolute must! Carpeting shows more damage than any part of your home. Having your carpets cleaned can resolve unsightly stains and smells and give that move-in-ready appearance to your home. It’s simple, affordable and it works!