Giving Circle

2021 Giving Circle Grant Recipient: Gennesaret Free Clinics

The F.C. Tucker Giving Circle was established to give agents and staff the opportunity to pool their donations as a group, nominate worthy local philanthropic organizations for funding and then vote on which organizations to support. For 2021 funding, 33 incredible organizations applied and agents and staff selected nine to receive a combined $81,000 in grants.

Each month, we’ll feature one of the nine organizations to learn more about the amazing work they do in our communities. 

Getting to Know Gennesaret Free Clinics, Inc.

What population of people and geographic area does your organization serve? 

Mostly Marion County

What is the story of your organization’s founding?

Gennesaret Free Clinics, Inc. was founded by Dr. James Trippi in 1988. He was serving in his church’s soup kitchen and mentally diagnosing people going through the food line. One day he spoke up and asked a man where he got health care. The man said he did not have any access to care. Dr. Trippi recruited some fellow doctors and they began seeing patients in the church. From there the organization has grown to not only deliver medical clinics in church’s community centers, food pantries and on a mobile clinic, but we also offer free dental care, medical respite housing and care for the homeless and a women’s health program designed to help underserved women access care. The focus is on breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment.

What one thing most surprises people about your organization?

Our services are FREE!

Tell us about one of the recipients of your services.

For most women a diagnosis of breast cancer is a terrifying, show stopping experience. Many of the women we serve do not have a doctor, let alone the resources to pay for treatment. Sarah (not her real name) fit this description perfectly. She found a lump in her breast and was referred to GFC for screening. She was lovingly ushered through the screening and diagnostic process by a breast cancer survivor who helped her not only to get connected with insurance and medical team, but also helped her to understand her breast cancer journey and what to expect at each stage. That knowledge alone was a priceless. We went with her to her appointments, saw her through surgery and chemo and made sure she had what she needed to continue treatment. That meant paying her rent for a month and helping with her utility payments. Our patients become part of our family and we can only deliver our services to them with the support of generous donors. Today Sarah is doing great! She is healed, and her treatment is done. It was an honor to be able to help her with her breast cancer journey.

If people want to volunteer with your organization, what is their next step?

Contact Brenda Warren at to get started. We would LOVE to have you!

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know?

This support is literally life saving. We have women call us daily seeking help. Our team works to overcome barriers, allow no dead ends and be fierce advocates for our patients. Your support allows us to do this extremely important work!

For more information, please visit