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You Had Me At Pizza

Indy Pizza Week 2017

There are many statistics about Americans’ love affair with pizza that’ll astonish you. How about the fact that on any given day, around 13 percent of us are eating pizza. Or, that cheese consumption has risen 41 percent since the mid-90’s due to our love of this specific dish. But perhaps most astonishing, is that Americans consume one-third of the entire global market of pizza. Turns out, all those pizza memes are not exaggerating. Americans love pizza, and Indy is a prime example. Hot off the city’s successful Indy Burger, Wings and Taco Weeks comes the annual Indy Pizza Week. Running from Aug. 14-20, this saucy, cheesy week is full of half-priced deals at all your favorite pizza haunts across Indy.

Headed by NUVO, this week-long pizza-party not only celebrates this delectable dish but it has taken this opportunity to help those less fortunate as well. Second Helpings, an Indianapolis-based charity organization fighting hunger, has teamed up with NUVO and local chefs to see that this 20 percent of registration fees and sponsorship goes towards helping feed those in need.

Over 20 local restaurants are participating in Indy Pizza Week. With each place offering their own special deal. Be it delivery, take-out or dine-in, restaurants have shown up in full-force to celebrate Indy Pizza Week.

American Pizza Company | Fall Creek Pkwy

This “fiercely independent” near northeast-side spot is offering a dine-in only discount on The C.B.R., a ranch pizza with rosemary roasted chicken and jowl bacon and the R.E.V., a BBQ-based pie tomato, banana peppers, onion and pineapple.

Arni’s Restaurant | Greenwood

Arni’s has been serving up grub to Hoosier’s since 1965. For Indy Pizza Week, they’re offering half-off their 10” pizzas when dining in. Choose from any of their specialty pizza’s like Big Daddy Meat Cravers or Pizza Rustica, or go bold and build your own.

Bazbeaux Pizza | Mass Ave, Carmel & Broad Ripple

This well-known pizza haunt is serving up their 12” pies for just $8. Choose any two toppings like pepperoncini, jalapeno, pepperoni or fresh garlic and head home with a partner, because these bad boys will easily serve 2 people.

Bebop Pizza Kitchen | SoBro

Located right off 54th and College Ave, Bebop will be serving up their medium 5 Cheese & Tomato, The Tarragon and The Poindexter for only $7.50. This offer is for carry-out or delivery only.

Broad Ripple Brewpub | Broad Ripple

This award-winning restaurant and bar is offering a dine-in only deal featuring their mouth-watering Smoking Goat Pizza topped with grilled portabella, caramelized onion, roasted bell pepper, sundried tomato, mozzarella and goat cheese. The 7” comes in at only $5 while the 10” will be priced at $6.75.

Boombozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse | Carmel & Fishers

This expanding Midwestern chain has opened two location on the Northside and for Indy Pizza Week they’re generously offering a chance to taste their 2016 World Pizza Champion creations for half-off. This offer is for dine-in only.

Byrne’s Grilled Pizza |Rocky Ripple

Butler students have been patronizing this grilled pizza joint for some time. Their Pizza Week deals include half-off their large pies (serving 3-4 people) such as the Hey Zeus, Byrne’s Special and the aptly named Cheeseus with feta and ricotta.

Clustertruck | Everywhere

“A revolution in food delivery” indeed. Clustertruck is a delivery-only restaurant serving nearly all of metropolitan Indianapolis and for Indy Pizza Week, their deal includes their delicious 10” Spartan pie, featuring pepperoni, fennel sausage, mozzarella, fontina and white cheddar cheeses for only $7.99.

Datsa Pizza | N. Pennsylvania St.

The Datsa Supreme, a local fave with sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion and green pepper plus the Spimato featuring spinach, sausage, tomato, red onion and garlic sauce are in play at this downtown pizza restaurant. Both come in under $8.

Drake’s | Keystone at the Crossing

This modern-Northside restaurant is offering a dine-only only special for only $5. Their personal-sized 5 Cheese Caprese Flatbread and Korean BBQ Chicken Flatbread are both included in the Indy Pizza Week special.

Goodfellas Pizzeria | Mass Ave.

This recently opened New York-inspired pizza spot not only offers a speak-easy type bar but their Pizza Week deals includes Nonna’s No Noodle Lasagna (available in 12” pie version) stuffed with ricotta, meatballs, red onion, roasted garlic and herbs and spices for just over $6. Their 12” West Coast Margherita is also available.

Hops & Fire Craft Tap House | Greenwood

Greenwood is lucky enough to be in close proximity to the Golden Pig during Pizza Week. This 8” grilled beer pizza comes with gold BBQ sauce, jowl bacon, pulled pork, black oak ham and fresh spiced sausage for just $8.50. Check out their other special, the Greek Odyssey, as well.

HotBox Pizza | Everywhere

By now, everyone in Indiana is familiar with HotBox. With locations almost everywhere you look, this chain is offering up their namesake pie, The HotBox, for a discounted rate on all sizes when ordering online. Just enter the code “PIZZAWEEK” and enjoy!

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza | Lawrence, Greenwood & Irvington

This crust-centric pie shop will be serving up their 10” Margerhita, BBQ and Philly Jack upper-crust pizzas for just $8. Stop by any of their three Indiana locations to take advantage of this deal.

Michaelangelo’s Italian Bistro | Noblesville

This newly-redesigned Northside Italian bistro is offering up 4 of their pizzas (Margherita, Buffalo Chicken, Northern Italian and Michaelangelo’s Deluxe) for a discounted rate for the week. This applies to dine-in only.

Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza & Pub | Westfield

This well-known chain has recently revamped their image to appeal to a more modern demographic. During Pizza Week, the Westfield location will feature their small Parmesan Tomato Pizza and Fire in the Hole Pizza for only $8.50.

The Nook | Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple’s The Nook is another spot which will feature their signature pie. This pizza comes with a layer of their signature tomato sauce, topped with fennel sausage, red wine braised mushrooms, pickled red onion, applewood smoked bacon then covered with their house blended cheese. Only $7.50 for the 11” when dining in.

Sidekicks Pizza | Fountain Square

The newly opened Sidekicks Pizza resides in the heart of the downtown Fountain Square Theater building. They’re offering up half-priced pies including their 14” one-toppings as well as any of their 14” specialty pizzas. Come for the pizza, stay for the pinball.

Union Jack Pub | Broad Ripple

Union Jack Pub is a Ripple institution so it only makes sense that they participate in Indy Pizza Week. What’s on special for the week? Their 10” one-toppings are coming in at only $7 while their new Vegan/Gluten Free one-toppings pies will be just $8. Dine-in Only.

Union Jack Pub | Speedway

Not to be confused with the aforementioned Union Jack in Broad Ripple, this Speedway institution will also be contributing for the week by serving up their famed 25th Street Pie. Fresh tomatoes, spinach, white onions mingle with their spicy pepperoni and house-made crust and sauce, topped off with meunster and mozzarella cheese. 10-inches for $11, dine-in only.

Whiskey Business Sports Bar & Entertainment | Pendleton Pike

Whiskey Business is offering up a slew of signature pies for Indy Pizza Week. Starting at $5, Porky’s Pie, Whiskey BBQ Chicken, Reuben Pizza, Tijuana Taco Pie and the BYO (Build Your Own) Pizza are all on the table if you dine-in.

Be sure to stop by your favorite Indy pizza place during the week of Aug. 14-20 to take advantage of these great deals and help a worthwhile local charity. You can even use this opportunity to try a new spot and, perhaps, discover your new favorite place for ‘za. Also, Indy Pizza Week is reminding all you hungry eaters to tip your servers like you normally would.  Bon Appétit!