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Sunrise Bakery Moving to New F.C. Tucker Building this Fall

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or work/live near 104th Street and Olio Road, you will have a new place for your daily coffee and donuts this fall.

F.C. Tucker is in the process of building a new building in the area, with Sunrise Bakery moving next door. The small, award-winning Fortville operation has outgrown its space and looks forward to sharing their delicious menu with the Fishers’ community, which is much broader than just donuts.

In an interview with CBS, Co-owner and Baker Henry Kitterman said,“As a family-run business, family meals are one of our main priorities.”

Kitterman runs the bakery alongside his parents, John and Susan, and sister, Katy.

Moving to a larger space, 2,700 more square feet to be exact, will help Sunrise broaden their options. The current building is not large enough to meet the demand of their customers.

The bakery already makes its own bread and hopes to produce more that can be sold at various retail shops. Their Italian and English muffin loaves are popular and patrons will soon be able to enjoy rye and whole wheat bread as well.

The sweets will remain a staple, offering fan-favorites including chocolate eclairs, cannolis and of course, donuts!

Sunrise is excited to also add breakfast sandwiches and ice cream to their menu after their move to Fishers, as well as a deli counter that specializes in traditional Jewish deli sandwiches.

This expansion will also bring nine new jobs to the bakery, which is great for the area.

As the Fishers area continues to grow, Sunrise will be a great place for families to frequent, especially those visiting the new FC Tucker office for anything in the home buying process.

Despite moving to a new neighborhood, Sunrise won’t be leaving the Fortville area for long. The current building will close after the move and a new Fortville location will open in 2020.