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Indie Coffee Roasters

There’s no better way to start your Saturday morning than by paying a visit to Indie Coffee Roasters. This coffee shop has been on my radar for quite some time. Located in Carmel, they have plenty of street parking which has a three-hour limit. Walking up to the building, you are greeted by an adorable painted dachshund on the outside sign. Fun fact: The owners have a dachshund named INDIE – which is where the name came from! As someone who has a dachshund herself, I can assure you that they are the greatest dogs ever.

The aesthetic inside is absolutely gorgeous. Clean, bright, and cheery. They even had some succulents lined up in the window sills.  At 9 am on a Saturday, they were hopping! I jumped in line and started to decide how I’d take my caffeine for the day. They roast their coffee right on site, which is an added bonus.  I’m a total sucker for nitro coffee. Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee. Typically, the coffee enters a keg and then is infused with nitrogen. I like nitro coffee because there isn’t any milk or sugar in the coffee, yet it’s a bit sweet and has a froth to it. And BONUS: nitro blends usually have 30% more caffeine per ounce. I need something to get me going and nitro is definitely it. They also offer oat milk, which is a huge win for anyone who is gluten, nut and dairy free. I found the prices to be average for a coffee shop.

I also ordered a delicious donut. They had a nice offering of other baked goods from Porter Books and Bread. Did you know they sometimes have a donut truck parked outside? That’s something the kids will love.

The windows offer nice natural light. There are plenty of seating options. If you are visiting with a big group, the tables fit big parties. Not sure how comfortable I would be to join a table with other people if there was a shortage of seating – but both bars seem to solve that problem.  The coffee shop is very open and I found that for working, it was a bit loud. If you are looking to host a business meeting here and talk, I do not think this would be an issue. I sat at the coffee bar, which I noticed did not have any outlet accessibility. The wifi was strong! Ask the barista for the password.

There was a wide age range of customers on a Saturday morning. Everyone from two little girls stumbling, giggling to the counter, a couple stopping in from a morning run, families, basically everyone. You will feel comfortable here no matter what.

Overall, I recommend this coffee shop for any business meetings or catch up sessions. It sure beats your average run of the mill corporate coffee chain. You will definitely see me here every now and then knocking out some more blog articles. Rumor has it that they are opening up a dog friendly patio.. keep your eyes peeled!

Written by: Kate Ruddell, Into Indy