Indianas Best Drive In Restaurants
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Indiana’s Best Drive-In Restaurants

Much like drive-in movies, drive-in restaurants remind us of yesteryear.  There is something magical about parking your car at a restaurant, talking to a waiter on roller-skates (sometimes), and being served in your car.  If you look closely, there are still many thriving drive-in restaurants in Indiana!  Below we have listed a few that we thought you would enjoy.


  • Mug-n-Bun – Indianapolis
    • This beloved Indianapolis spot has been open since 1950 and has continued to serve traditional Indiana foods.  Their menu features everything from huge crispy tenderloins to creamy homemade root beer.
  • Edward’s Drive-In – Indianapolis
    • Known for its appearance on Man vs. Food, this well-known Indiana spot is known for its massive tenderloin sandwiches.  In fact, they even built a 150-pound tenderloin sandwich for the Indianapolis 500!
  • The Port Drive-In – Chesterton
    • This Chesterton joint has been serving old-fashioned root beer and hot dogs since 1953. They continue to lure customers back with their restaurant’s nostalgic feel and menu of over 100 items.

  • Steer In – Indianapolis
    • Wow, does this place have the accolades! Not only was it featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives but it has also consistently topped Indianapolis Monthly, Visit Indy, and Nuvo lists.  


  • Ray’s Drive-In – Kokomo
    • Much like the other drive-ins on this list, Ray’s Drive-In is known for its Tenderloin.  Regulars know to come on Wednesdays as they can buy Tenderloins for one dollar.  What a bargain!
  • Bonnie Doon Drive-in – Mishawaka
    • This drive-in is so passionate about their food that their employees often wear food hats.  What is a food hat, you ask? Prior pictures include hamburger, hot dog, and French fry hats.  Clearly this 1941 spot has a sense of humor!
  • Frazier’s Dairy Maid – Anderson
    • Known for its creamy delicious ice cream, this Madison County staple has been serving up food since 1954.  Over the last 5 years, Frazier’s Dairy Maid has been ranked the top ice cream in Madison County.  
  • Budge’s Drive-in – Lafayette
    • One of the older drive-in on the list, Budge’s was founded in 1942.  Known for their mouth-watering food, this restaurant has a loyal base of customers.  Check out their Yelp page to see all their glowing reviews.
  • Johnsen’s Blue Top Drive-In – Highland
    • If you thought Budge’s was a relic of the past, just wait until you hear about Johnsen’s Blue Top Drive-In.  Originally founded in 1936, Johnsen’s Blue Top Drive-In started as a roadside stand selling apple cider, peanuts, and fruit.
  • Mr. Weenie Drive-In – Peru
    • Known for its sense of humor, Mr. Weenie’s Facebook page proudly touts the slogan, “It’s Mr. Weenie Time.”  I would certainly think this would be the place to go if you are craving a delicious hot dog!
  • Carlson’s Drive-In – Michigan City
    • This cash-only drive-in has been serving customers since 1947.  Beloved by Michigan City locals, this place is known for having, “the best quality food at a great price” and quality customer service.

I, for one, cannot wait to get a crispy tenderloin sandwich and frothy root beer from one of these Indiana drive-ins.  Let us know where your taste buds take you!