Family Life

Ways to Make the Back-to-School Transition Easier for Kids


When a new semester rolls around, it can be hard to get the kiddos back into a school routine — wondering where to begin? For starters, you’ll need to start habits a few weeks before the semester begins. Developing habits early will help create a routine and pattern. Use these top ways to improve your children gear up for a successful school year. 


Involve Kids for Fun Preparation

As you are getting the list of required supplies the teacher requested, involve the kids! Of course, it depends on your budget, but where you can, let them have a say in what they want. Involving kids will give them something to look forward to once classes are back in session. 


Cross Summer Reading Off the List 


Don’t let kids procrastinate if they have summer reading. Dedicate time before school starts to have them get the work done and take some notes so they can recall what they’ve read when they get back to class. If you are traveling, ask to see if teachers mind if students listen through an audiobook in the car – which can be fun for the whole family. 


Prepare the Night Before

Make mornings easier by preparing everything the night before. Have kids pick out their outfits for the next day (even if they wear uniforms). In addition, make sure books and homework are put back in bookbags that are set near the door, ready to grab n’ go. Also, if bringing lunch, have it ready to go as well. 


Bedtime Routine


During summers, going to bed late and sleeping in become the norm. In the week or two before school starts, go to bed at the time you would during the school year. But it doesn’t stop there; kids need to also get up at the same time they would for school. 


Breakfast Meal Prep

Children need to eat a balanced breakfast to keep them fueled until lunch. Avoid a sugar crash from sweet breakfasts by preparing something nutritious. You can get it done with some easy kitchen tools. Cook bacon in the oven, so it’s ready as soon as you are, buy an egg cooker that makes any type of egg in the morning effortless, or have some fruit already chopped and prepared to serve. 


Participate in Pre-Semester Activities


If a school is putting on any activities before the start of the school year, be sure to participate. Attending events will give you and your children a chance to meet teachers and classmates, as well as see what fun is in store. If it is your child’s first year at a school, checking it out in advance will help them feel comfortable with navigating around. 


Talk About the Upcoming School Year

Don’t wait until a couple of days before to talk about the upcoming school year. Start incorporating in family dinner conversations and other one-on-one times with kids. Having conversations will help get school fresh on their minds and will allow kids to share what might worry them, what they’re excited about and any other feelings they have. 


Set a Time to Leave in the Mornings


Before school starts, agree on a schedule. Find the time that everyone will get up when to eat breakfast by and what time you need to be walking out the door. (This is why preparing the night before is helpful – it will reduce the odds of something happening that makes everyone late).