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Spectacular Spring Break Ideas (Right Here in Indiana)

Remember how we recently talked about what to pack when you’re taking a road trip with the family? Well, that was no coincidence: Spring is hiding just around the corner – and that means spring break is also on its way.

It’s definitely not too early to start planning a fabulous spring break trip with your family, and Indiana has plenty of options. Whether you just want to explore someplace new for an afternoon or you want to spend a whole week in some little hideaway, here are some of the best spots the Hoosier state has to offer – none of which should tax your wallet.


You’ll have to pardon us if we show a little favoritism, but Indy is a spectacular destination for spring break, whether it’s just you and your pals or your entire family (including kids). Some of the attractions you’ll find include:

  • xZOOberance at the Indianapolis Zoo: From March 24 to April 17, there are 16 days of family fun and activities that can help your kids burn off some energy and everyone get a little more connected to nature. The Cheer Gardens will offer refreshments, including craft beer and cocktails, and there are tons of animals to see and some to pet!
  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: This place has some of the most incredible interactive exhibits in the nation, and your kids can explore natural history from the era of the dinosaurs all the way through the spaceship age.
  • Indy’s Craft Pass: If you’re on an adults-only trip and you want to check the state’s craft brew scene, this is literally your ticket! A pass will serve as both a guide to the area’s best local distilleries and breweries (and give you a few rewards for checking in).

Still not convinced to make Indy your spring break destination? Consider all the other things that the city has to offer. Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, the Circle Centre Mall and the little indie shops all over Clay Terrace are all worthy spots to explore for unique shopping and culinary delights.

Hendricks County

Hendricks County has always been a great spot for families and friend groups to visit because it’s practically teeming with opportunities for fun, including:

  • The Tie Dye Lab: If you want a fabulously unique memento of your spring break trip, you can create customs t-shirts, bandannas, hats, socks and more. As their motto says, “Imagine it. Create it. Wear it.”
  • Avon Gardens: This pig farm-turned garden oasis has been recognized as one of the nation’s premier spots for plant lovers. There are hundreds of hard-to-find plants throughout these gorgeous gardens, which have become a favorite place for romantics to visit or hold their weddings.
  • The Oasis Diner: Take a step back in time and visit an authentic 1954-style diner that offers great food and plenty of historic charm, right off old Route 40. 

Hendricks County has plenty of other sites to see. If you happen to be there in May, consider checking out their annual Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Festival at Beasley’s Orchard and experience all the delights of a spellbinding spring.

Hamilton County

No matter what the weather, there’s always something entertaining going on in Hamilton County to make your spring break a blast! Some of the top attractions include:

  • Strawtown Koteewi Park: Have you ever wanted to try your hand with a bow and arrow? You and your kids can pick up a new skill at the park’s archery center. If the weather’s nice, you may want to check out the hiking or the aerial adventures they offer.
  • Monon Community Center: Rain, sleet, snow or shine, the indoor water park at Monon is always there, ready and waiting for swimmers – and they have a huge gym. 
  • Conner Prairie: Conner Prairie gets mentioned a lot when people talk about “must-visit” places, and there’s a reason for that. Indiana’s only living history museum is open all year-long, with both indoor and outdoor play places, events and a Farmer’s Market.

If you’re looking for more things to do, the county also has its share of shopping, trails, equestrian adventures and miniature golf sites, so feel free to explore!


Richmond may not immediately jump to your mind when you’re thinking “spring break,” but it should – especially if you’re looking for a unique adventure spot. Some of the best features include:

  • Richmond’s Chocolate Trail: Are you a family of chocoholics? Get your Chocolate Trail passport and explore all the area’s bakeries, gift shops, ice cream parlors and even a candy factory (complete with free samples).
  • Real Egyptian Mummies: There are only two authentic Egyptian mummies permanently displayed in the state – and both are in Richmond. The Wayne County Historical Museum is conveniently located right downtown, and the Joseph Moore Museum of Natural History is just on the west side of the city. Both are worthy sites to visit for a spring break trip.
  • Thistlethwaite Falls: Okay, the name may be a bit of a tongue-twister, but if the weather is nice on your spring break, this is one natural site that you shouldn’t miss. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but you can also search for fossils in the rock formations on the river for a permanent souvenir from your trip.

Ultimately, spring break is a bonding experience for your friend group or your family – but it also serves as a chance to blow off the winter doldrums, shake away the blues and renew your energy and spirits. Wherever you go, may the road be easy and the weather mild!