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5 Reasons for a Blissful Fall Wedding

According to The Knot, 46% of Hoosiers plan weddings during the fall – between the months of September and November. Whereas, 33% of weddings occur in the summer months between June and August. With fall being so popular…you might be hesitant in booking your wedding during this favorite time, but consider these top 5 reasons why you should:


Crisp mild weather. If any part of your wedding – rehearsal, ceremony or reception – takes place outside, you and your guests won’t melt and can actually enjoy the sun with a nice cool breeze! Nothing a jacket can’t tend to. Don’t get me wrong, summer barn weddings are amazing, but keep in mind if you’re outside in the summer, don’t forget the guys are usually wearing layers of clothes, plus all the ladies have their makeup done and their hair curled to perfection…melting by the minute. With the high heat and humidity added to the mix, no one wants to be pitting out or have sweat dripping down their face as a photographer snaps an insane amount of photos! In the fall, leave these worries behind.

Much like how you see those small hand fans during ceremonies in the summer, you can offer up blankets to guests instead. Plus, if the party continues outside, who doesn’t like a nice little fire ambiance in the evening? Pending the venue has this option, firepits are another great fall perk a lot of people love – need I say s’mores? S’more kits before or after the big meal would be a nice touch for a snack – or even as a small favor to take home.


Colorful scenery. Speaking of photo ops above, leaves in Indiana start turning in late-September, with peak times typically around the second and third week of October. Brown County even has a Leaf Cam you can view online, or if you have the Discover Brown County app. Even if you decide to have the ceremony and reception inside, definitely reserve photos to be taken outside, whether it’s on-site at your venue or a nearby picturesque spot in a park or garden. Plan to soak up what nature has to offer this time of year. If leaves are off the trees, use them in the pics as props for some fun shots!

Better availability. Hosting a fall wedding might mean that more of your guests can attend the wedding – avoiding all the vacations people take during the summertime, and travel around the holidays. Only thing you’ll have to be conscious of is fall break, and of course check major athletic schedules and festival calendars, which could cause a snafu all depending on where your festivities take place. The Knot shares a nice reference guide on dates to be conscious of if you plan on getting hitched between now and 2021.

Plus don’t totally count out the month of November – vendors could have more availability this month and generally speaking, a Sunday (or weekday) wedding could save you more money. During the fall, Saturdays are the first to book, so if you want that day for sure, you’ll want to start looking to secure a date sooner rather than later!

Comfort food. When falls hits in Indiana, people crave that harvest-themed comfort food –apples, cider, mulled wine, and pie come to mind. Incorporate some of these staples into your meal and your guests will get all the fall feels. Offer a cocktail special or happy hour drinks with a fun name that plays off the occasion – or incorporate hot toddys. If you’re thinking dessert, offer a pie bar.

You can even put together a self-serve candy station (if nearing Halloween) for a make-your-own wedding favor. Other ideas might be homemade jam, moonshine, mead or even a pie in a jar with your recipe attached – anything pumpkin spice flavored is suitable!


Seasonal décor.  On average, Hoosiers spend $1,700 on flowers and décor, according to The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study. If you don’t feel like shelling out thousands of dollars in flowers for a couple of hours, make sure you’re getting flowers that are in season, they should be more affordable. To name a few for fall, check out the lily, dahlia, gerbera daisy, calla lily, chrysanthemum, rose or stephanotis. Still a pretty penny? DIY your décor and reception centerpieces. Hit up a local pumpkin patch and gather a mix of different sized white pumpkins and gourds, and relish in the season! Guests will love it, and it’ll be a fun activity leading up to the wedding.