What’s Cool About Hancock County, Indiana?

Indianapolis is beautiful, but you don’t have to live in Indy proper to enjoy its benefits — or the benefits of this great state. Located a mere half-hour away, Hancock County offers a mix of urban and agricultural development amid rolling green hills and plenty of appeal for young families, up-and-coming professionals and retirees alike.

Hancock County’s seat is Greenfield, which was once a stop along the railway that connected much of the midwest and part of the National Road (the first major highway in the nation). It’s also home to Cumberland, Fortville, Spring Lake and several other wonderful areas. Back in 2010, Hancock County was home to just a little over 70,000 residents — but it’s projected to show modest gains when the numbers are tallied again in 2020. 

Here’s why we think Hancock County, Indiana, is such a great place to live for almost anybody:


The Food Is Fantastic

If you’re a “foodie,” you won’t be disappointed with the offerings available to you in Hancock County. If you want standard American fare, you will love the menu at Carnegie’s Restaurant, which has been in business since 1999. They specialize in seasonal-inspired dishes with locally-sourced ingredients and hand-cut steaks (although we’d recommend you check out one of their fresh seafood dishes, like the crab-stuffed shrimp).

If you’re looking for something similar but you’d like a more affordable price, head over to The Mug in either Greenfield or Irvington. There, you can grab burgers, fries, ice cream and other favorites — many locally-sourced in the area.

Want more exotic fare? Well, Zapp Thai is open seven days a week and offers a delectable menu that includes everything from lemongrass soup to “drunken noodles” and deep-fried tofu with peanut sauce. Whatever you choose, you definitely won’t go away hungry.

There’s Plenty of Places to Go Out

If you enjoy stepping out with your friends for a good time or just want to find a fun spot to spend date night with your spouse, there are plenty of options in Hancock County. Head over to Griggsby’s Station for meals made from locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients that vary with the seasons and a great selection of Hoosier ales and lagers — or indulge with your favorite wine for a memorable evening.

Alternately, take a trip to Fortville and check out the Taxman Brewing Company for one of their Belgian-inspired ales, Midwest saisons or cellar-produced wines and spirits. They brew around 50 different batches of specialty beers every year, so there’s always something new and interesting to find while you’re there. Once you experience their annual “Death and Taxes Day” with its outdoor beer release and tasting festival featuring the product of more than 40 of Indiana’s own craft brews and wines, you’ll never want to miss it again.


It’s Easy to Get Back in Touch with Nature

Given the number of parks and preserves in the area, folks in Hancock County seem to enjoy a special relationship with the natural world. Check out the Thornwood Preserve just south of Morristown Pike. Comprised of 40 acres of woods, wetlands and rolling pastures, the Preserve offers five different trails to hike with a range of difficulty that will please almost anyone. It’s a perfect place to visit, whether you simply like walking or want to observe all of the wildlife in their natural habitat.

If you are looking for a spot that bridges both the natural world and the human one, Beckenholdt Park might be just your style. There, you can fish off a pier in a 1.5-acre pond, walk a loop trail, hang out on the observation deck or take your pooch to the dog park for some playtime — all without leaving Greenfield.


There’s Plenty for Kids to Enjoy

If you have a family (or want one), you may be concerned about what the area offers for kids of all ages. Well, Tuttle Orchards has long been a favorite destination for families from all over the area for around 90 years now. Your kids can participate in apple picking or perambulate a pumpkin patch in the fall, while you shop at the farm store or enjoy the cafe. There are seasonal events at Tuttle Orchards all-year-long, too, so you can go back again and again without losing interest.

Lark Ranch is another popular spot for families to visit, particularly in the fall. Some of the activities that are suitable for all ages include the one-mile train trip, slide mountain, the “Wizzer” ride and the annual corn maze. Older kids will enjoy the “Air Extreme” attraction that uses a combo of inflatables and support poles to let them soar up to 15 feet in the air — or the Orbitron ride that is modeled after NASA training devices to help astronauts cope with weightlessness.


Finally, don’t forget to check out some of the annual events in historic downtown Greenfield, like the Superhero 5K and Fitness Festival in summer or the Chalk Fest in September where you can participate in a pop-up show of temporary street art and family fun.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Indiana, we think you’d be remiss not to check out Hancock County and all its wonderful places to visit and dwell. Find out more today!


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