Considering a Career in Real Estate?


Flipping through the television channels, you will find more than a few shows about buying and selling homes and the professionals that make it happen. Networks like HGTV and DIY have cast real estate careers into the spotlight, sometimes glamorizing the hard work and grit that goes along with success. Like your mother told you, don’t believe everything you see on TV. Yes, life as a REALTOR® is rewarding in many ways, but do you have what it takes and how do you get there if you have a desire to break into the biz?

There is more than one direction to take on this career path. If you are just entering the workforce or perhaps looking for a change, consider a few questions to discover if real estate is right for you.

Who would be good for this profession?

Are you good with people? Relationships are paramount to this job, building them and fostering them. Are you self-motivated? You and only you can determine your success. Are you organized? Keeping your finger on the pulse of the market while juggling clients, old and new, requires order and efficiency.

What is the job description?

The good news is that there is more than one way to enter the career. You could consider becoming a licensed team member, a primary agent, or perhaps an unlicensed team member. Each is unique and has their own requirements for education, training and commitment, offering something for everyone.

Why a career in real estate?

All jobs have their pluses and minuses. Jot these down in the plus category. Flexibility, as in you can set own schedule and make easy transition from another career. Additionally training opportunities are vast and varied. The profession’s lifeblood is opportunity. While salaries in other industries offer provide stability; commissions offer unlimited opportunity. Perhaps the most attractive attribute is autonomy; YOU are in charge of your career growth.

If you feel drawn to a career in real estate, there is a simple real estate skills simulator that will get you started. Visit for more information.