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10 Reasons You Know You’d Be Good at Real Estate

Have you ever considered starting a career in Real Estate? Being a Realtor takes a lot of hard work and commitment but also has lots of perks, like being able to work your own schedule, endless potential to make money and meeting new people everyday! If you have ever wondered if you would be good at Real Estate, keep reading, if these 10 reasons describe you, maybe it is time for a career change! 



  • You love everything that has to do with houses


Are you constantly on real estate apps looking at houses even though you’re not in the market to buy or sell?  This is a good indicator that you have a general love for homes and everything about them. To be successful at any career you have to love what you do, and if you love looking at homes from your phone, you will absolutely love being able to go inside them to help buyers purchase or to help sellers get ready to sell. 



  • You love helping people


Selling real estate is all about helping people. Whether they are looking for a new home to buy or wanting to sell their home, you are helping each and every family start a new chapter in their lives, which is something to be very proud of. Buying a home is a huge step in people’s lives and being a part of that is something that means a lot to all real estate agents. Being a realtor means being a part of someone’s lives forever, and that is a great feeling. 



  • You’re motivated and driven


In real estate, what you put in is what you get out. Your business is in your own hands. Of course your broker that you work for will provide guidance and help you when you have questions, but for the most part you will be on your own working hard to get those sales. If you are a go-getter and can keep yourself motivated then real estate is the right industry for you. 



  • You like variety 


In the real estate industry every sale is different, every client is different, and every home is different. If you’re someone that has to have consistency everyday and doesn’t like variety, this isn’t for you. You have to be able to adapt to every different sale, every different client and every different home. You will meet so many new people and go through so many different transactions, so being open to variety is huge for a real estate agent.  



  • You enjoy learning new things everyday


In real estate you are likely to learn something new from every single transaction. Even the pros that have been doing real estate for decades are still learning new things everyday. From the real estate transaction itself to new ways to market yourself, you have to be open to learning new things. 



  • You’re tech savvy


In the world today, being tech savvy is a huge plus. Being well informed in the use of technology will set you apart from others that are not. Today’s buyers want real estate agents that are quick and can help them as soon as possible. Social Media is huge for real estate and being able to navigate through all of the apps that are out there is a must. Being responsive to texts and emails and being available as much as you possibly can is a huge plus, so if you are on your phone 24/7 – this is the job for you. 


  • You like flexibility


Being a real estate agent means you get to make your own schedule to meet your needs and your clients. You aren’t going to be sitting behind a desk all day; you are going to be working wherever you can – aka your car, home, Starbucks, literally everywhere! You wont be working a typical Monday-Friday, 9-5, real estate agents are working for their clients around the clock to meet their needs and availability.  



  • You’re Creative


Real estate agents do most of their own marketing. A big part of being a realtor is being able to market yourself; making creative posts on social media, making marketing plans and materials, advertisements, virtual tours. Also as a real estate agent, having creative ideas for sellers who aren’t sure what their home may need to have done so that it sells or for buyers that aren’t sure of what they are looking for, is a must. 



  • You are good with communication and solving problems


As a real estate agent, you are going to have to solve problems for your clients on every single transaction. If you cannot handle stressed out clients or things going wrong, this probably isn’t the career for you. You have to be the mediator; you have to be your clients’ biggest support 24/7. When things go wrong, you are the first person they are going to come to for support and if you cannot communicate with your clients to ease the situation, you’re not doing your job. So, if you like to solve problems and be supportive, this is the job for you! 



  • You have a good personality & you’re honest


Clients want real estate agents who they are comfortable with and they can trust, bottom line. If you are rude or have a personality that often pushes people away, that won’t work in the real estate industry. Of course every client is different so one personality trait may work well with one client that doesn’t with another, so you have to be able to read people and adapt to them. A huge personality trait that is a must is honesty. Being honest with your clients makes them feel safe and protected, and being honest with other agents or anyone else for that matter, shows great character. If you are kind and honest, you could make an absolutely great real estate agent!

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