What to expect here

Hello and welcome to my blog!!

My goal with this blog is to treat you to with informative posts regarding real estate and the housing market. I also want this to be a fun site you enjoy visiting, so I will also post personal stories telling you all about my new journey in this career change of mine.

So a little about me…
I am married and have a daughter and we have lived in Noblesville for the past 11 years. It is a great place to live and I cannot gush about it enough to my friends and family who don’t live here. I met my husband in college here in Indianapolis (Go Jags!) and after we graduated we moved to Seattle with stars in our eyes. We lived right downtown in a little studio apartment and had an absolute blast living in the PNW. After obtaining his Masters degree, he got a job back in Indianapolis so we packed all our stuff into a U-haul again and made the trek back to Indiana.
When we gave our notice to vacate the apartment, we were told that all the apartments in the building were being sold as condos and since we were the only tenants to live our apartment (brand new building) we had first dibs on purchasing it for a cool $300,000. Now, that was a LOT of money to two fresh college graduates making <$55,000/ year. So we had a good laugh declined the offer and finished packing our stuff up. We arrived in Indianapolis in November and found our home in Noblesville, purchased it and moved in February. A few years later, my husband went back to Seattle on a business trip and visited our old neighborhood and saw that those little condos were now being sold for $900,000!!! If only we had the foresight to borrow $300,000…. that would have been the investment of a lifetime!

I found a job in the marketing department of a small manufacturing company and worked there for 10 years. The missed Seattle apartment opportunity never left our thoughts so in 2017 my husband and I decided that it was a favorable time for us to begin buying investment properties. Researching investment properties evolved into learning about real estate and the steps needed to become a broker. I started taking the mandatory 90 hour real estate class in late 2017 and passed the state real estate exam in December. I signed with the F.C. Tucker company after interviewing various other real estate agencies around town. F.C. Tucker had the best training and support options for new agents. I am SO happy with my decision… every single person I’ve met in my new career has been so friendly and helpful; its truly a blessing.

So, now that you know a little about me and my real estate story I hope you are captivated enough to bookmark this page, “like” my Facebook business page, and visit my website often!

By Stephanie Henderson,