Tips for Home Care in Heavy Rains

With the heavy rains and flooding, residents look to protect their Indianapolis homes. Sump pump failure, leaky roofs, and foundation cracks all threaten to bring unwanted moisture inside the home.

Just beyond the stench of water a real risk for mold growth exists. Here are some tips to care for your Indianapolis home in heavy rains:

  • Test your sump pump and make sure it’s properly situated over the hole or pit.

  • Ensure that the hose or drain with running from the house and basement out is uncoiled and on path away from the home.

  • If some water does get in the basement, use dehumidifier to pull up the water. Check and dump the accumulated water regularly. Box fans can help keep water and air moving toward drains.

  • Clean gutters and downspouts to make sure rain can move and not pool on the roof.

All the preparation you can muster may not negate water from finding its way into your home when flooding hits the levels it has this week. The key at that point is to act fast and recruit 24-hour emergency water removal services.

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Photo: Flickr CreativeCommons

By Ted O’Donnell,