What sets FC Tucker apart from the rest?

There are what feels like a million different real estate brokerages you can choose from when selecting a REALTOR to either list your home for sale, or to help you purchase a home. What sets FC Tucker apart from the rest? Let me tell you…

I didn’t start my real estate career at Tucker. I started at a small brokerage handling mostly distressed property sales – I learned SO MUCH! I wouldn’t trade that time for anything as it was a natural progression for me from my paralegal work experience with foreclosures to then re-selling those houses! But, I wanted more for myself, for my career.

I met with several brokerages, large and small. From my first meeting with Lynn Davis, our career development gal, I was hooked. Not sold, but definitely hooked. Then I met with my now manager, Kristi Snider. I sat and talked with her for about two hours – some of that discussion about real estate and some about really nothing at all. I felt like I found a friend! I knew I had made my decision – the right decision, and I started as a Tucker agent on January 17, 2014. Best decision of my professional life!!!

What I came to know about Tucker made me fall more in love with my decision. Did you know, Tucker has a full range of real estate services, i.e. mortgage lending, insurance, title services, a school of real estate, home services, relocation services, warranty products, an auction company, a referral program, and on and on and on?!

Tucker is a local company – starting in Indianapolis over ninety years ago and has thirty-five offices in Indiana and Kentucky. Fifteen of those offices are right in the Indy metro area!

In Indiana, Tucker has over fifteen hundred agents, and is the largest independent real estate firm in Indiana and is ranked among the largest independent real estate firms in the nation. Did I mention that Tucker ranks number one in nearly all their markets? Consumers in the metro area who are looking for an Indy REALTOR tend to use and succeed with a Tucker agent moreso than any other firm. You know that term “buy local?” Well, Tucker is as local as you can get in the Indy area!

Have you ever been interested in pursuing a real estate career? Contact me. I’d love to tell you more about my experience and get you in touch with the right people.

When you hire me as your agent, know that I am backed with a tremendous group of resources from my very experienced managers, to all the great services that are at your fingertips, and the continuing education I receive as a Tucker agent is exceptional. You can sleep well at night when you hire this girl!

By Jill Curtis,